My loved ones-1

/October 2021

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Looking back on the course of my life, I am excited and sighed with emotion. I am happy and happy. 

Thank you, honey! 

Thank you for your indulgence and pampering, for your care and pity, and your giving and spoiling. 

We were all born into poor families in rural areas, with many sisters, a weak foundation, and heavy burdens, and our honest and honest peasant parents worked hard for us to go to school. 

After marriage, we work, live, build houses, raise children, and honor our parents. 

Although we do not have vigorous love, what you give me in the most mundane and ordinary life is the most sincere and precious thing in my life. 

It is not easy to go to school, out of the mountains, my parents want me to find a family with better family conditions, but you are so poor that even the conditions of our family are not as good as ours. 

But when you were in love, you said, four of you, you are a few years older than me, and you will treat me like a sister. 

It is these ordinary and true words that deeply moved me so that I am duty-bound to believe that you are the person I can rely on for the rest of my life. 

After marriage, you kept your promise day by day, never forced me to do anything I didn't want to do, never blamed me for what I did wrong, but always tolerated everything I did with a generous mind. 

Even if I am wrong, you not only do not blame me but find some reasons to comfort me. 

Because of you, the sky of my life has always been so bright and blue, and the space of my heart has always been so peaceful and wide. 

Plain life, plain past events, plain words, but let me remember, unforgettable! 

Before marriage, when your mother is ill, you take your mother to you and live in the duty room to see your mother, fry medicine, and cook for half a month. 

Mother was moved to say that although your family was poor but kind-hearted, she agreed to our marriage. 

Since I married you, I have become more and more like a child who doesn't grow up. I rely on you for everything and cling to you all the time. 

Just married, we live in a public room in the courtyard of the county party committee, with a bed with a pot and a pot with a bed. 

At that time, I couldn't cook. I used to make a mess of the food. You always left the bad ones to me and the good ones to me. 

I can't even cut the leaves of dumplings, so the cook on the team cut them for me. 

When you hear their jokes, you smile and say that you will make dumplings in the future. 

When cooking with coal, I don't know how to cook with coal. 

As long as I served the coal the night before last, the coal stove must have been extinguished the next day. 

I hate myself for being so stupid, and you said that as long as you are at home, you won't let me interfere. Even if you eat out, you always go home to get some coal after dinner. 

As long as you are not at home, let me cook with LPG or eat on the street. 

In 1989, you traveled a lot because of your work. 

Every time, you always live frugally when you go out, but when you come back, you sell me clothes, buy gifts for your family, and buy toys for your son. 

When my son was born, you said you would do your best to make my son and me happy and happy. 

The simple, honest and kind mother-in-law came to help us take care of the children, washing clothes, cooking, and holding the children without complaining. When you come back from work, you are even busier. 

At that time, there were as many as 100 students in the class, and I had to study by myself in the morning. I was busy preparing lessons and classes all day, and the class was buried in the pile of homework. 

My son scrubbed shit, peed, and washed. I hardly ever did it. 

You and your mother-in-law often joke that if you don't breastfeed your son, I'm just a guest officer. 

For me to have an energetic class the next day, you get up from time to time in the evening to take care of your son and don't forget to tuck me in. 

Help me carry my bag when shopping; never let me carry anything when shopping; don't look at the car number when I get on the bus; always hold my hand when walking, say that I have bad eyes; eat the best; as long as I am not allowed to do housework at home; help me bathe, scrub my back, wash clothes; on weekends, riding a bike, carrying me around the city like a donkey, sweating all over the city, Coke this or not. 

You said you could do everything except have a baby, and you loved me like a baby. 

My father had a lot of disasters in his life. 

Gastrectomy, cataract surgery, right-hand injury, lumbar vertebra fall, right thigh root fracture. 

Every time, you take good care of it before and after running. 

In the autumn of 1997, my father stayed in my house after gastrectomy. He had to cook five meals a day, each with only a small tea bowl. 

And I always can't do it well, most of which is done by you and fed to my father. 

In the spring of 2006, my father had a fracture at the root of his right thigh and lived in my house. You picked up shit and urine for my father. 

Father is very sorry and keeps saying that it has dragged us down, but you always say that it is the duty and responsibility of your children to serve the elderly, and everyone will grow old one day. 

People say that I treat my mother-in-law like my own mother, and it is your love that moves me. 

Take care of the son, take care of the housework, take care of the parents! 

As thin as you, considerate as you, excellent as you, kind as you, spoil me as you. 

You are silent, not good at words, will not be affected, will not sweet words, there are only silent actions, silent pay. 

There is tenderness in the silence and love in the silence. 

There are so many ordinary and warm feelings, and I seldom savor them carefully, even get tired of ordinary life, disappointed in the cash-strapped economy, and waver to the future. I seldom think that what you give me is the steadiness, stability, warmth, and happiness that you have brought to me. I have never cherished the love and care that you have brought to me. 

In the unit, outside, encounter unpleasant things, go home is not nagging to you, or in front of your face, temper, your painstaking persuasion, I always scoff. 

And you, although full of talent, but for decades of career is not smooth, for this family worries broken heart! 

No matter how hard you are, you always face it optimistically and bear it alone. 

In 2006, when the external account of the house was paid off, we had a drink to each other, and you raised your glass and said, "wife, let you suffer with me."