My loved ones-2

/October 2021

Looking back on the hardships I walked through and looking at the wrinkles in the corners of my eyes, I was sad, sad, excited, and sighed. When I took the wine cup, I cried badly. 

Husband, I don't want you to be a big official, nor do I want you to earn a lot of money. As long as you are safe and healthy is my greatest wish, as long as the family and harmony is my greatest happiness! 

I know that I am straightforward, arrogant, stubborn, self-willed, and fond of losing my temper. 

As soon as I graduated, my mother was seriously ill. before she died, my mother cried and worried about my grumpy personality and my life after I got married, which made me learn my temper and be more tolerant, so that my husband and wife would not quarrel and get angry. 

Mother's worry is right and superfluous, because of your tolerance, magnanimity, your stability, maturity, I am free from blame, and always tell her son that your mother is always right. 

I often do not understand your busyness, I blame you in the unit is not the main figure, why so punctual, every day is to go early and return late. 

To this end, repeatedly temper let you in a dilemma. 

How many times have I lost my temper for no reason, like a peasant woman, beating, scolding, throwing things, burning your clothes? 

And you never argue with me. 

Husband, do you know, how many times, obviously they have done something wrong, will never admit to you, how many times, scolded you, the heart is very uncomfortable. 

Every time I get angry with you, I can't bear it in my heart, and every time I scold myself in my heart for being immoral, vicious, and ungrateful. 

I know very well that in today's society, there are too few men like you who are dedicated to and responsible for the family. 

I am not good at socializing. I go to work at two o'clock every day. On weekends, I watch TV, play with the computer and type words at home. After supper, I take a walk in the street with my husband. 

Many acquaintances always envy me: clean up in the morning and evening, so relaxed and comfortable. 

Indeed, after all these years of marriage, my parents-in-law helped me, my husband was considerate, and my husband arranged the firewood, rice, salt, sauce, and vinegar tea. I just gave my working capital to my husband and seldom worried about family affairs. 

Today, a man in his forties still looks like a child who does not grow up. 

Your deep love is like a mountain and a sea. 

Silent, contains deep concern, dense with thick true feelings, filled with thick love. 

When I first saw my husband's gray hair on the sideburns, my heart ached vaguely and tears filled my eyes. 

That white hair, that strands of feelings, that speechless words, is the best support for my career, at the moment, I feel that I am the happiest woman in the world. 

When my mother-in-law was alive, she always joked that you arched me to the neck. My relatives said that you spoiled me to heaven. My friends said that you were a strict wife and a model husband. 

Over the past 25 years, we share the same heart and help each other, and our love has been integrated into the mood, enthusiasm, affection, friendship, love, love, and family affection. 

Because of you, it makes me know how to spoil and let me know how to be loved. 

Thank you, my husband, for your silent support and encouragement. 

Countless times in the heart to torture themselves, God gave you to me, although there is no great wealth, the heart is warm! 

What do you want in your life? 

No desire in life, but also a life-long pursuit! 

The contradictions in our lives are just an episode in our lives. 

Bathed in your love, your tolerance, I have become a full little woman. 

Sometimes I am capricious, sometimes I act coquetry, sometimes I am grumpy, but you regard me as the most perfect in the world. 

You hold me high in the palm of your hand and on your chest, your love makes me feel so happy, no longer lonely, no longer lonely, no longer helpless. 

In life, I have been used to your care, your care, your tolerance. 

I know my temper has hurt you, husband, please forgive my superficial strength, inner repentance. 

We look at each other with a look, a throw, and a smile, and the other side will understand everything. 

What flows away is the ruthless years, leaving behind the precious true feelings. 

Your little nagging is full of care, and your constant work is full of care. 

Husband, when typing these words, I have tearful eyes whirling, dripping wet keyboard, this is the tears of happiness, the tears of repentance is the tears of distressing you. 

Already 50 years old, I would like to walk with you every spring, summer, autumn, and winter, until the gray hair, until the end of time! 

I hope my husband can always tolerate me with this tolerant heart, and I will strive to be a good wife! 

Dear husband, I can still be as simple as ever for so many years, it's all because of you. 

Have your warm arms and strong arms, for me to block secular disturbances, so that my life is full of sunshine and happiness, let me become a happy woman, a confident woman, a woman full of yearning for life.

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