No longer waiting for love to be romantic

/September 2021

I was crazy about love when I was young. But now, I want to say that there is no "love" in many loves. I found that love is just a desire and transformation of energy, which is a blend of two gas fields. It will appear when the brain activity is least, but when the brain activity is more, this energy will disappear. To put it simply, as long as one party asks for "conditions", pure love will immediately become a naked power and energy struggle!  

Romantic love must happen when you want nothing. The more you want nothing, the more romantic you are. Because you don't have a preset state of mind, the energy fields of two people will be easier to connect, but when you are familiar with each other and start to have judgments, prejudices, criticisms, expectations, and disappointments, the energy fields of love will not connect. Love is a fragile thing!  

There is a movie about a man falling in love with a woman at first sight, but this woman is suffering from amnesia. As long as she sleeps, she will forget what happened the day before. As a result, the man and the woman have been in love all their lives. Every day, this man is her "first love". If two people can be as fresh and passionate as the first encounter every day, it is certainly the most romantic.  

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The greatest charm of a woman is to obey her heart and be with her completely, but she is not willful. When you are immersed in such a pure state, it is wonderful that men are more willing to stay with you. Because you are quiet and in a state of balance and pleasure, he is looking for such a feeling. I think of my most romantic love: two people sit in a coffee shop and look at each other for an afternoon without talking for five or six hours. That kind of energy connection, electro-optic Shi Huo, is really scary. Oriental women may be influenced by traditional culture, and they are shy and not used to looking at each other's eyes, but they will lose romantic energy connection.  

But women are much more eager for love than men. Psychologically speaking, this is because women are less capable of self-sufficiency in emotion than men, and they are more eager to connect with men to consolidate and strengthen themselves. It's romantic that you give yourself up completely and integrate it into your mind. However, the ultimate romance is awakening, stopping looking for love and making up in another person, swimming in your spiritual world, and being self-sufficient.  

When I was young, I was always looking for the most powerful man, and I wanted his protection. However, I found that it was unrealistic to hope for another person, so I became more and more dissatisfied with myself and became more and more insecure. Then, I turned to the inside, to paint, to paint nature, and finally, my inner fears and desires were released. Slowly, I found that I did not need to rely on men at all. My views on both sexes have changed dramatically. Since then, my partner has become my assistant and my partner. I stood in the positive position, while "he" stood in the negative angle.  

How a woman gets along with her parents at an early age, she will get along with men like that in her initial feelings. If the experience is not very good, then doubt, please, compromise and fear may appear. But when you keep repeating these pains, you will doubt one day: Is another person worth so much? Let you have so much self-doubt and negation, is it worth it? From the beginning when you feel uncomfortable, you will know how to cherish yourself and realize how much you don't know how to treat yourself well and how valuable you are! Traditionally, women should be attached to men and weaker than men, but everyone, especially women, has the strong potential ability, so you should not only consider "what job can I do to make a living", but also think more about "where is my creativity" and "where is my value". 

My daughter is 13 years old, but she has decided to take the road of psychology in the future. Since I was a child, I have specially cultivated her ability to interact with society and constructed her sense of self-worth. When she reaches a certain age, she will explore her life direction. If you look inward, your sense of self-worth will become higher and higher, and the meaning of gender relations, society, and the world will become more and more different in your eyes; When your "big self" develops, you find your own more beautiful and powerful soul energy, and you fall in love with your true self and expand to fall in love with other people's truly beautiful soul essence. Such a change is the greatest "romance"!