Okay you are cute

/September 2021

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When I was with Mr. Feng, many people felt incredible, because he and I were different in appearance first, a long face and a round face; Secondly, he has different interests. He likes playing games and basketball, while I like traveling and writing some articles, which is a little romantic.  

For a long time, I put on new clothes for him, bought his favorite basketball shoes, cooked his favorite dishes, and wrote him a sensational essay on his birthday, but he seldom thought of doing something for me. However, Mr. Feng's kindness is real.  

When we were still in love, I once went to Beijing for a party and took the train at 2: 30 in the evening. He fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow. He got up and sent me to the railway station before two o'clock. Later, when I got married and bought things at home, he followed me, letting me comment on many furniture products in the mall. Finally, I only said one sentence: "If you like it, come according to your feelings."  

When I got married, my weight broke the 50 kg mark, and he held me from the corridor door to the community door. The road was 800 meters long, and I could feel his arm shaking, but he still didn't put me down. When I was in labor pains, he accompanied me in the labor waiting room, and I was in pain and grabbed his hand unconsciously. Later, I saw that his hand was scratched by me. My friend told me that after I entered the delivery room, Mr. Feng smoked and wiped his tears outside the delivery room alone.  

We have been married for five years, and every night, Mr. Feng will put a glass of water on my bedside. Because I don't like drinking water, he formed the habit of calling me to drink water. We also quarrel but never say hurtful words. At most, we just ignore each other for a few days. When both of them are relieved, they sit down and talk calmly. 

Once, I asked him, "Is there a moment when you think getting married is a wonderful thing?" He said, "Yes. When you are tired of playing, see you standing on the sidelines and waiting for me to go home; When I went home after dinner, I saw a lamp upstairs; When I woke up at the weekend, I saw you by my side, and I fell asleep next to you in June. On Friday night, we took June's hand and went to the supermarket to see the shadow of our family of three under the light; When I go home every day and hear June calling Mom and Dad ... " 

I asked him again: "Is there a moment when you think divorce is a wonderful thing?" He said: "Yes when you are unreasonable; When you do something wrong, you have to pretend that you are right; When you can't wait to spend the holidays all over the world; When you pull me to do things I don't like to do ... "  

I continued to ask: "Then why didn't we get divorced?" 

He said: "Because every warmth you give me is enough to make me forget those bad things." 

I smiled: "Me too."