Old husband and old wife-1

/October 2021

When the old man was 78, the old woman was 68. 

Early in the morning, when the thrush began to cry under the eaves, the old man got up, put on the clothes on the back of his chair, drank a bowl of hot soybean milk handed over by the old woman, picked up the bird and went out for a walk. 

When she came home at about 01:45, the old woman was making breakfast, the bowls and chopsticks were on the table, and the birds in the cage were singing happily, so the old man said to him, "Don't worry, don't worry, I'll give you dinner!" 

Hang the birdcage under the window, feed it first, and then go to the table to eat. 

The old woman wanted to visit her relatives and told them again and again: "the food is all in the pot, the rice cooker is on to keep warm, and it is hot to eat at any time!" 

The old man waved his hand and said, "Let's go, it's noon for a while!" 

The old woman said, "keep the key well, and don't lock yourself out!" 

I won't be back for a while! " 

The old man ignored it and went out with the birdcage. The old woman chased him to the door and said, "there is good cold tea in the big water cup. Put aside the thermos after use. Watch out for tripping!" 

The old man kicked down the doorstep, and the old woman was still shouting, "put bird food on the windowsill, don't feed too much at once." 

Hey, old man! 

You don't listen, last time I went to my aunt's house, I just sat down and asked someone to call me back. 

I won't bring my cell phone today! " 

The old woman said garrulously, busy with these garrulous things in the morning, so naive it was almost noon. 

After noisy lunch, the relatives asked the old woman to stay for dinner, and the old woman refused, "you know, the old man is at home alone!" 

The older you are, the more useless you are, and I don't know if you have eaten or not. " 

When the old woman hurried home, the old man was sitting strangely on the bed, throwing the birdcage under the eaves of the window. 

Lift the lid of the pot, the food is a little less, and the rice bowl is randomly buckled on the table. 

The old woman picked up the clothes thrown under the chair and saw that the old man sitting on the bed was angry. 

"where are my pants? 

Where's my jacket! 

The Beginning of Spring even dressed me so much that I couldn't even step out of my legs in the sun. " 

The old man shouted, lifting the quilt on his leg and showing it to the old woman with his skinny legs naked. 

The old woman went to the cupboard and turned over her trousers and jackets and threw them on the old man's leg. "can't you even change the thick ones into the thin ones?" the old woman went to the cupboard and turned her pants into a jacket and threw it on the old man's leg. 

Oh, my God, wait for another 20 years! 

You've lived enough. Let me have a rest, too. It's time to give me a rest! "

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