Old husband and old wife-2

/October 2021

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The weather after the Beginning of Spring changed from cold to hot, and the trousers and jacket he had just put on were put away again when the air conditioner hit. 

Early in the morning, the old woman put her cotton-padded clothes and trousers on the back of the chair in front of the old man's bed. 

When the old man got up in the cry of the thrush, the old woman had brought a bowl of hot soybean milk to the bed. 

Before the bowl was delivered to his mouth, the old man saw that the old woman changed her face, shook it a few times, and fell over. 

The old man was stunned for some time under the care of his sons and daughters, as if it was going to be summer in a twinkling of an eye. 

The old man really saw that the peony planted by the old woman by the window had blossomed, and the white flowers were stacked on top of each other. 

I have already told her that planting a red flower is good-looking and festive, but the old woman just won't listen. 

She was waiting for someone to die, and she was so quiet that she really heard her say that day, "Oh, my God, can you wait for another twenty years?" 

You've lived enough. Let me have a rest, too. It's time to give me a rest! " 

This spooky old woman, she wants to be lazy! 

The old man was a little angry. The thrush chirped in the cage. The old man picked up the cage and went out of the house as usual. 

When he came home at about 01:45, the bird in the cage called anxiously, so the old man said to him, "Don't worry, don't worry, I'll give you dinner." 

Hang the birdcage under the window, where is the bird food on the windowsill? 

Turning around to sit down at the table, the old man knocked on the table and shouted, "Old woman, let's eat!" 

Chirping outside the thrush window, the wind poured into some drifting poplar hairs and pounced on the opposite wall, on which hung a big picture of the old woman. 

In the frame wrapped in black gauze, the old woman watched quietly and looked at the empty table.