Once upon a time-1

/October 2021

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A certain year, a certain month, a certain day, sunny, I was waiting for you in the past. 

Time is like a dream, suddenly left; morning flowers picked up in the evening, full of withering. 

Once upon a time, I loved you! 

Solemn hall, white wedding dress, the bridegroom gentleman put the ring on the bride's ring finger, leaned over and kissed the bride's forehead, and then said: I love you. 

The bride's face was brimming with happiness, revealing two shallow dimples. 

This picture often appears in my dreams. 

In that hot summer that year, I was admitted to a high school in the provincial capital. My parents were so busy with their work that they could not find the time to take me to school. I came to the school gate alone with two large bags of luggage. When I took my luggage out of the car, I found that I had come here for the first time. I had no idea where I was going, and there were two bags of luggage, which made me a little overwhelmed. 


Classmate, can I help you? " 

A handsome face came into my sight in the sun. 

In a strange place, met a strange boy, I should have been vigilant, but saw his school uniform, let me immediately eliminate the vigilance out of courtesy, I repeated the bangs on the forehead replied: "I am a freshman, come here for the first time, where should I report?" 

He picked up my two bags of luggage, come on, follows me, takes me to the report, and help me deliver my luggage to the dormitory by the way. 

Then he took me to report and then helped me carry my luggage downstairs in the dormitory. 

Bring it up yourself. Boys can't go into the girls' dormitory. 

He was a little embarrassed. 

This is the first time we met, and after we dated, I asked him why he came to help me at that time. 

That hot summer, by the road, stood a girl in a white dress, delicate lace set off white legs, tall and straight, exquisite curve completely outlined, the girl looked helpless, this scene appeared in his eyes, he could not help but want to go up to chat up, but there was no excuse when he saw the luggage next to the girl, he went straight to the girl. 


Classmate, can I help you. 

After many years, whenever I think of that summer, the corners of my mouth are brimming with happy smiles. 

The two of us are in the same school. Although we are not in the same class, we meet each other every day. 

I do not know whether he intentionally or unintentionally, every day after school I always see him in the same place, he sees me always give me a special sunny smile, similarly, I will also give him a bright smile. 

Over a long period, I have also formed the habit of getting a special sunny smile from him every day after school, even if I don't have to go that way. 

In this way, unwittingly, we are all in the third year of senior high school, without the relaxed learning environment of the first and second year of senior high school, we will face the college entrance examination in a few months, and everyone begins to work hard. 

After school, almost everyone picked up books and rushed back to the dormitory to continue their studies. 

And I, still make a detour to meet him every day, what remains unchanged for a few years is that he will still give me a particularly sunny smile, similarly, I will give him a bright smile, every time except smile from a distance, we will not say a word. 

Several times I tried to go up and talk to him, but after he smiled at me, he turned and left. 

Suddenly, one day after school, I went to meet him as usual, but I didn't see him. I thought he had something important. I might be late, but I waited until the dormitory was about to close, but he still didn't show up. I went back to my dormitory that day so frustrated. 

For more than a week, I didn't see him again, as if he suddenly disappeared, and finally, I began to panic, and finally, I couldn't help going to his class to ask his classmates. 

All I got was that he asked for leave more than a week ago, and there was no other news. 

The tense learning atmosphere in the third year of senior high school makes it impossible for me to take the time to think about him, but every day after school, I still go to that road to wait for him. 

A month before the college entrance examination, on the same road, I saw the familiar figure, I can no longer help running past, reproachfully asked: "where have you been for so long, I can wait for you here every day." 

"I'm sorry!" 

He said, "Why don't you be my girlfriend?" 

Without thinking about it, I replied, "Yes!" 

He suddenly reached out and held my face and leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. I was surprised that I didn't stop him. 

That year, we were 18 years old.