Once upon a time-2

/October 2021

After the college entrance examination, I was admitted to my ideal university, but he was not even admitted to the most ordinary university. 

On the day I went to college, he helped me with my luggage and took me to the station. Before getting on the bus, he suddenly hugged me, and I hugged him tightly. 

The car started, under the setting sun, he issued a particularly sunny smile at me in the car, at the same time, I also issued a bright smile to the tower. 

He suddenly shouted: "wait for me for a month, a month later, I will come to you!" 

When I heard this, I couldn't help a trace of tears in the corners of my eyes. 

One day a month later, because I had to run some errands at the school, as soon as I got to the gate, I saw the familiar figure standing on the road outside the school gate. I quickly ran to him and hugged him hard. 

"fool, if you hold me so tight, you're afraid I'll run away!" 

He whispered in my ear. 

"stupid, I miss you." 

My disgraceful tears ran across my cheek again. 

"will you marry me?" 

He asked seriously. 

"well, good!" 

I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes and said two words vaguely. 

That year, we were 19 years old. 

Soon after, he found a job near my school, rented a house, and from time to time cooked some delicious food and sent it to me to eat at school. My friends envied me having such a good boyfriend. 

He also told me to keep an eye on it, or I would be taken away by them. I worried about it for a while, but found that every time he came to school to deliver delicious food to himself, he never looked at other girls, but just watched me finish eating, and then talk to me. He will leave school and go back to his rented house. 

I am slowly relieved. 

Two years later, when I was a junior, I began to work as an intern outside. I was going to rent a house by myself, but he told me to go and live with him. I thought about it and gladly agreed. 

A simple room, two rooms, a table, two chairs, an old TV set, and some household appliances. 

I thought the boys' rooms were all messy, but the simple rooms were clean and clean. 

I shared a room with him, and every day he went out to work. I went out for an internship. When I came back in the evening, he would cook something delicious for me. 

Life is simple, but it is extremely happy. 

One evening, when it was raining heavily and thunder and lightning thundered, I returned to the rental house after my internship. I had just opened the door and a strong smell of alcohol came to my face. I have almost fainted. The clean and tidy room in the past was full of beer cans. Watching the door of his room open and the smell of alcohol coming out constantly, I hurriedly ran into his room. The scene in front of me made me sad. I looked at the sunny and handsome boy in the past, and now he was full of alcohol. 

Lying on the floor full of cans, his handsome face was covered with tears and wine. Why was he so miserable? 

When I saw a black-and-white photo on the head of his bed, a man and a woman looked like him, with a certificate of inheritance. 

I finally know why he suddenly disappeared before the college entrance examination. 

On that day, his parents were involved in a car accident when they were on a business trip. Both of them were killed. 

I suddenly feel very heartbroken, such a thing happened, he unexpectedly did not tell me, has been a person silently bear. 

Looking at him at this time, I was very angry and worried at the same time. 

I wanted to help him to bed, and he cooperated with me to help him to bed. 

After I cleaned up the room full of cans, I poured a basin of hot water and carefully wiped the tears on his face. He looked at me silently all the time. After wiping his face clean, I turned and was ready to leave, and he grabbed me. Then his mouth blocked my mouth hard. 

After a little struggle, I let him go. 

It was raining heavily outside, there was lightning and thunder, and in the rented house, we asked each other... 

That year, we were 21 years old. 

Since then, we live in a room, every day he goes out to work, I go out to practice, life is business as usual, every day we are very happy. 

A year later, my job was stable, but there was one bad thing, that is, I was transferred to another city to work. 

When I left, he took me to the station and hugged and kissed me. After I got on the bus, he gave me a particularly sunny smile. At the same time, I also gave him a bright smile. 

After the car started, he yelled at me, "when I graduate, I'll marry you." 

I burst into tears when I heard it. 

Now I have no idea that this smile and a promise will last forever for me. 

Apart from the two places, we will talk on the phone every day, most of the phone is me, he is listening, he will tell me from time to time, let me take good care of his future wife. 

To this end, I also feel very happy. 

One day a few months later, I called him and there was no answer. I thought he was busy, so I didn't want to disturb him. I thought he would call me back. 

But I waited until the evening, but he still didn't call me back. I was a little angry with him, so I decided that even if he called me back, he wouldn't answer. 

As punishment for him. 

A few days later, I found that he didn't call me these days, and finally I couldn't help calling him again. 

But what comes out of the phone is that the number you dialed has been shut down. 

At this time, I was worried sick. 

When I got back to the company, I immediately asked the leader for leave and was ready to go to his city, but the leader said that the company was short of people now, and I could not be granted leave until a month later. 

More than ten days later, at the company meeting, a stranger's number called me on my cell phone. When I was about to hang up in the meeting, I suddenly found that it was his city's number. I immediately answered it and said to the leader, "I'm sorry." 

And walk out of the conference room.

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