One of the 49 roses always belongs to you-1

/November 2021

On a road in Yokohama, Japan, Zuo Bing, and Kayo went home together, with Zuo Bing in front and Kayo behind. 

He was tall, thin, and staggering, with an air of recalcitrance. 

Although she was wearing a school uniform, she still hunched her back slightly, like a typical Japanese girl of that time, taking small steps. 

When he was about to cross the bridge, he would stand still, give her a hand, walk a dozen steps side by side, and then get off the bridge. 

When he crossed the bridge, he would stand still, give her a hand, walk a dozen steps side by side, then get off the bridge and walk back and forth again. 

They didn't talk to each other, but they walked safely. 

The street near the market. 

On the corner of the street, there is a big Sakura. 

The trees are overlapping and inconspicuous on weekdays. As soon as they bloom, the scarlet trees are full of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. 

When he got under the tree, he stood and waited for her to catch up, and the two said politely, "goodbye." 

Then he turned right, entered a bluestone lane, and went home. 

She walked on, more than twenty paces away from her family's rice shop. 

The maid greeted her and took her schoolbag and enthusiastically shouted to the door, "the second lady has gone home!" 

Only his mother greeted Zuo Bing at home. 

Zuo Bing's father, Zheng Xiaoren, is a Cantonese who does business in China and Japan. 

He opened a grocery store in Yokohama, specializing in southern Chinese goods, and his business was very good, so he married an outsider in Yokohama and bought the 16-year-old Yukiko Oshima. 

Although there is no relationship between the two, Yukiko's Japanese-style gentleness and obedience are much more comfortable than the wives and concubines of their hometown in Guangdong, so life has always been peaceful. 

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Zheng Xiaoren lives in Japan for four months a year and has lived for five months since the birth of Xiao Zuobing by Noriko. 

He was there, and Noriko dressed up and waited graciously; in his absence, Noriko took off the hairpin ring to live diligently and frugally. 

When Zuo Bing was four years old, his family in Guangdong urged Zheng Xiaoren to go back. 

As soon as I go back, I don't know why I won't come back. 

The business in Japan is done by the housekeeper, and Noriko goes to the cashier every month to get a small sum of money, which is only enough to make ends meet. 

I didn't receive the letter until half a year ago. There was no address in the letter, but he only repeatedly told me to take good care of Zuo Bing. 

When Zuo Bing was old enough to go to school, he received a red packet from his account with a stack of money in it. It was written on red paper: Zuo Bing's tuition fee.