One of the 49 roses always belongs to you-2

/November 2021

With time, Zuo Bing is seventeen years old and is always an excellent student in the church middle school. 

Because he is Chinese, and because he has no father, he is bullied by his classmates, but he is not afraid. 

Although he was thin and experienced, he would fight back like crazy, and gradually he became famous. 

At that time, Kobayashi met him at the school gate and said, "shall we go together after school?" 

I'm a little scared when I take a secluded road by myself, please. " 

Jiadai has always been picked up and picked up by domestic maids. 

Zuo Bing agreed at that time, feeling that a weak Japanese girl asked for her protection, which was a matter of great face. 

At that time, Jiadai was a young girl in love, but Zuo Bing was still a teenager who did not understand the world. 

Every morning, Zuo Bing walked to the entrance of the alley, and from a distance, he would see Jiayi waiting under the cherry tree. When he saw him, he smiled and bent down and followed him. 

It has become a habit over time. 

Zuo Bing likes rainy days, and on rainy days he wears clogs, crackling behind him, with regularity and rhythm. 

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When the rain is heavy, Jiadai will half stand on tiptoe and hold an umbrella behind the side to cover him. 

Zuo Bing likes the half-shy and half-happy look of Jiadai and thinks girls are really funny. 

At Christmas that year, the school organized evening prayers and allowed people to wear formal clothes other than school uniforms. 

As soon as Zuo Bing came out of the alley, his eyes turned out to be bright: Jiadai under the cherry tree wore a kimono with light cherry blossoms on a white background, swaddling clothes with silver on a red background, and holding a red oil paper umbrella. 

Zuo Bing realized for the first time how beautiful Jiaye was, and somehow he became flustered and had an impulse to escape immediately. 

The heart of a teenager is inexplicable.