One of the 49 roses always belongs to you-4

/November 2021

In 1985, he went back to Japan because of some property rights issues. 

An old classmate from high school went to the restaurant to see him and left him a business card, which was given to him by Jiadai. 

So he finally remembered the voice that haunted him, who knelt in the middle of the cabin, tears streaming down his face, infinitely mournful, and infinitely warm: "but, Zheng Jun, I like you!" 

He dialed the number of Jia Daijia, and with an impulse that had not been seen for many years. 

Years have washed away a lot of things, but the purest ones remain, because of the purity created by imperfections. 

Instead of screaming, tears, sighs, remorse, and cover-up, he asked her out for a drink and said, "I'm back. Will you see me at the club?" 

It seems that he only left yesterday, and everything can start from now on. 

She said, "OK, but you don't have to drink tea. I don't want to ruin my image in your mind." 

You wait for me under the cherry tree. I will walk past you. Please don't recognize me. " 

He said yes. 

They, two old people in their late twenties, met calmly on the phone: "goodbye, meet again in the afterlife, let's do it in the afterlife." 

It is the season when the cherry blossoms solemnly wither and fall. Under an old Yokohama Yokohama, cherry tree stands an old man. 

It has been 49 years since the unforgettable moment that he wore a rented black wedding dress and held 49 blood-like roses in his hands. 

The old man stood among the raining cherry blossoms, handing out his red roses to every old woman passing by while smiling and saying "Thank you". 

49, there is always one that belongs to her, whether she is now thin or rich, whether her children and grandchildren travel alone or lonely, whether her tearful eyes are whirling or smiling, there must be a flower for her in this life. 

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The old man kept the promise. He didn't recognize it but distributed his flowers wholeheartedly. 

Some old women accepted calmly and thanked politely, while others, full of doubts, took it and hurried by. 

The old man confidently handed red roses to every old woman. 

He knew she would walk past him; she would recognize him, she would take a flower half a century late, and they would recognize each other in the afterlife, for sure.