Only love and affection cannot be disappointed

/September 2021

There is a couple, the husband is dull, honest, and inarticulate, and the wife is eloquent, who can lead a sweet life. Everyone thinks that their personalities compliment each other and they are a match made in heaven. At first, my wife felt that she had found the right person. Although her husband could not talk sweetly, it was good for her. She wanted the moon, and he would never pick the stars for her. A year later, they had a child, a fat boy with eyebrows and eyes like his wife, and her husband laughed from ear to ear. 

Because of the nature of his work, his husband occasionally goes to big cities for business trips. Every time he goes home, he will bring the most popular and freshest things in the city, such as vanishing cream, almond honey, beer shampoo, etc. His wife knows and uses it first in the whole street; Toys such as Rubik's Cube, Tin Frog, Tetris Machine, Red, and White Machine also first appeared in the hands of his son, which aroused the envy of children.  

Such a family of three, living the life of immortal lovers, has made a great story.  

When did the change occur? It was the late 1990s when my son graduated from high school and was admitted to a good university.  

Just when everyone shared their son's happiness, the wife announced that she wanted to divorce! Divorce was a big thing at that time, and my parents couldn't persuade me, so I stamped my foot and went home. Later, the wife took her honest husband to get divorced.  

People around you are surprised to lose their chin, and they can't imagine how they got divorced. Is it because their wives don't know when they are happy? At that time, most men were male chauvinists, and there were not many people as intimate as her husband. I heard that even when I got divorced, my husband gave her gold, silver, jewelry, and deposits at home, and I was afraid that she would not live alone in the future.  

I'm afraid this affection can't be achieved by every man.  

The wife whispered to a friend of her own, "I felt very happy to marry him at first. The only dissatisfaction is that he can't speak sweet words. I'm a woman. It's not too much to want to hear something nice, is it? But he is always so flushed that he can't say it. It's a knot in one's heart. This kind of stable marriage can go on, but I just feel that the plain life is short of a handful of sweets to make my life sweet. I'm suffocating and I want to catch my breath. Now that my son has gone to college, I can finally live the life I thought about. "  

What kind of life does the wife want to live? Have a thing to do, a hobby that can last, and have tea and a flower when you have a rest. It is good to harvest an indifferent and quiet one.  

So in her forties, she opened an exquisite yoga studio with a training room for 10 people and a uniquely decorated tea room.  

Practice yoga in the morning and calm down; Drink tea and have snacks in the afternoon to recuperate; Go for a walk in the park in the evening, breathe the fresh air, and the days are quiet and comfortable.  

It was three years after such a day. Just when everyone thought she was going to live alone like this, she and her husband remarried like lightning.  

When she remarried, she was still the elegant and comfortable one, but he was not the same one he was no longer silent and cheerful. Besides speaking sweet words, he also told some jokes to make her happy. 

Love is so powerful that it can change a person. After divorce, her husband went to night school and attended eloquence training class, forcing himself into an interesting middle-aged man.  

Even today, knowing that his wife loves to take pictures and dislikes that his pictures are not good enough, he secretly bought a photography net course to learn photography skills. The other day, the whole family went out to play together, and the photos he took were unanimously praised by everyone.  

I heard that a TV station interviewed them recently and made a program about the changes in women's marriage life since the founding of New China. As representatives of couples who got married in the 1980s, they analyzed their marriage history on the spot and opened up the truth of love for more young people in the new era.  

This is a true story. The protagonist of the story is my college classmates' parents. The story is not twists and turns, but it is a witness of love and marriage in a certain period.  

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Affection and love can't be let down, which is out of date in any era. I hope everyone will love each other for a long time.