Perfume looking for love-1

/November 2021

When Miao Jane received the offer from the CC perfume company, she almost jumped for joy because Guo Wanan was also at the company. 

Guo Wanan is 1.8 meters tall and handsome. In his early thirties, he was firmly at the top of the R & D department. 

In the perfume research and development industry, Guo Wanan is known as the "male god", and Miao Jane is one of the many fans of the male god, coupled with the fact that she is a fat girl, how can she be worthy of Guo Wanan? 

Miao Jane looked at herself in the mirror and felt vaguely self-abased. 

The company building has four floors, and the bottom floor is for new employees, but she has been sent to the farthest store, which means she can't see Guo Wanan. 

Miao Jane was a little lost, and when she went to the personnel department to go through the formalities, she was also a little unhappy. She walked out of the building with her head down but accidentally bumped into someone. 

"I'm sorry." 

She quickly looked up and apologized, only to see Guo Wanan smiling at her. 

Miao Jane thought she was hallucinating, so she pinched her thigh hard and confirmed that it was Guo Wanan who smiled at her. She opened her eyes wide with surprise. 

Guo Wanan nodded to her and whispered, "Green suits you very well." 

There was a touch of kindness in the tone, but Miao Jane was so nervous that she almost suffocated. 

It is said that Guo Wanan is usually unsmiling and doesn't even pay attention to Xu Mengqiao, the most beautiful woman in the company, but now he nods and smiles at her new fat girl. 

What kind of luck did she have today?! 

Miao Jane was in a good mood because Guo Wanan was in a good mood. although she smelled perfume thousands of times in the store every day and her legs were sore, Miao Jane was very happy. Her only regret was that she could not see Guo Wanan. 

A month later, Miao Jane successfully became a regular worker, and the R & D department held a weekend mountain climbing activity to meet the newcomers.

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