Perfume looking for love-2

/November 2021

Hearing that Guo Wanan would also attend, Miao Jian could not help being a little nervous. She tried on many sets of clothes, but none of them were satisfied, so frustrated, dressed in black, she rushed to the meeting place. 

Female colleagues are all dressed up, Miao Jane can not help but complain about her dress today, how can she get Guo Wanan's favor? 

No, we have to find a way to get his attention! 

But before she could figure it out, Guo Wanan took the initiative to come forward, handed her a bottle of sunscreen and said lightly, "it's sunny at noon, so put some on before you go up the mountain." 

Miao Jane was flattered again, and her hands holding sunscreen trembled a little. She stammered her thanks, only to see Guo Wanan smiled gently and turned to hand out the rest of the sunscreen to other female colleagues. 

She is not the only one with courage. Miao Jane bowed her head and felt like an inconspicuous grass on the ground. 

But she has to be as strong-willed as the grass. Miao Jane cheers for herself in her heart. At least, she should strive for it. 

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So in order to fully demonstrate her advantages, Miao Jane took the lead in climbing the mountain, and when the beautiful women behind her came crying, she had already reached the top of the mountain. 

"Director Guo, will you give me a hand?" 

Almost to the top of the mountain, Xu Mengqiao stretched out her jade hand and spoke sweetly to Guo Wanan. Miao Jane's goose bumps all over her body suddenly fell to the ground. 

Just when Guo Wanan was about to pull Xu Mengqiao, Miao Jane rushed forward with a hot brain, took Xu Mengqiao's hand decisively, and dragged her to the top of the mountain. 

Xu Mengqiao's face suddenly clouded over and threw her away angrily. 

Miao Jianxian let go of Xu Mengqiao's hand and tilted her eyes, only to see Guo Wanan holding back a smile on his side. 

As soon as Miao Jane's eyes lit up, did he have been paying attention to himself just now? 

It seems that he doesn't hate her as a fat little girl. 

Having a picnic at the top of the mountain at noon, in order to fully demonstrate the perfect combination of a strong girl and a good wife and mother, Miao Jane not only built a stone stove, picked wild vegetables, but also carried branches to burn. Finally, she handed the prepared dishes to Guo Wanan like a gift, but was pushed away by Xu Mengqiao.