Perfume looking for love-3

/November 2021

"I don't know if the wild vegetables picked outside are hygienic, so how can you let the director eat them casually?" 

Xu Mengqiao said with a look of disgust. 

Miao Jane's hand holding the lunch box suddenly froze in mid-air. Looking at Guo Wanan's eyes was a little embarrassed. He should have chosen Xu Mengqiao's lunch box, right? 

Miao Jane scratched a touch of loss in her eyes and sadly took back the lunch box, but she was picked up by Guo Wanan: "it's good to eat wild vegetables, green original ecology." 

Seeing Guo Wanan's gentle smile, Miao Jane was foolish again. 

When going down the mountain, Miao Jane deliberately walked very slowly, not far or close behind Guo Wanan, while Xu Mengqiao surrounded Guo Wanan like a butterfly, constantly looking for topics. 

Guo Wanan's expression has been light, occasionally make a few words, but suddenly turn around to ask Miao Jane whether she is tired, and finally he just snatched her travel bag full of pots and pans and carried it on his shoulder. 

Miao Jane was hot in the heart, flushed, bowed her head and wrung the corners of her clothes. 

Xu Mengqiao poured cold water on her at the right time, saying that it was just the director's kindness to take care of his subordinates, and don't get it wrong. 

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Soon after returning to the company, Miao Jane was even promoted to the third grade, and her colleagues whispered behind her that she must be a distant relative of Director Guo, otherwise how could she have climbed so fast. 

Miao Jane did not say it, but she was very happy, not only because her efforts were recognized, but also because she was one step closer to him. 

But the rumors spread more and more outrageously, with different versions, and some even said that she rose to the top by hidden rules. 

Xu Mengqiao also patted Guo Wanan's desk and asked him to give an explanation. 

Miao Jane saw that the situation was getting worse, so she asked to be transferred back to the store. She didn't want to embarrass him, much less did she want him to be attacked because of her belly and back. 

He was also called to talk by the general manager because of her promotion.