Perfume looking for love-4

/November 2021

But instead of answering Xu Mengqiao directly, Guo Wanan took out the company's newly developed perfume, handed it to Xu Mengqiao, and said, "this is the latest style of the D5 series. I'll give her the position of chief perfumer for anyone who can mix it with the same flavor." 

Two hours later, the fragrance mixed by Xu Mengqiao and other perfumers was not pure, only Miao Jian's perfume was rich and fragrant, which was the same as that of Love D5. 

In the astonished eyes of everyone, Guo Wanan told everyone that Miao Jane was not only an excellent perfumer but also an excellent perfumer. 

The fragrance master needs a sensitive sense of smell and a good sense of smell memory, while Miao Jane can distinguish and remember hundreds of flavors, no matter how complex the ingredients are, she can smell them one by one. 

When Guo Wanan finished, the whole audience was quiet. Miao Jane's heart was beating like a drum. She looked at Guo Wanan, who had rescued her, and her heart was as sweet as honey. She wondered if he would like her because he was so kind to her. 

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Or is it just because of her unique ability that he relies so heavily on her and protects her? 

After Miao Jane took office, she worked overtime day and night, as if she had been beaten with chicken blood, and irregularly boiled brain soup for Guo Wanan. 

The company's R & D task is already heavy, coupled with the new projects, Miao Jane was too busy not to touch the ground and finally fell ill with honor. 

It was Guo Wanan who sent her to the hospital. he took her to have a gastroscope, paid all her medical expenses, and then sent her home safely. 

Miao Jian sat in Guo Wanan's car, her heart rising and falling. 

She hasn't been treated like this since she got fat. 

Guo Wanan is not only partial to her, but also takes such careful care of her so that her heart is filled with warm currents, but also gives rise to a trace of throbbing hope. 

She wanted to confess her love now, but the car suddenly stopped. 

Why is the journey so short? you can get home in the blink of an eye. 

Guo Wanan sent Miao Jane upstairs, politely exchanged pleasantries with her mother, and then drove away. 

The mother said to her happily, "the boy is good, you must hurry."