Perfume looking for love-5

/November 2021

She wants to hurry, too, but it's just her wishful thinking of unrequited love. 

Miao Jane's father disappeared when he went on an expedition in the wild a few years ago, and her mother always wanted her to find a good home, but she was unable to start a family for a long time. 

Because all she sees is Guo Wanan. 

From the time he developed the first D5 perfume of finding love, she recognized him, and her heart was moved by the smell of deja vu. 

Then she slowly approached him and found that his character and ability were impeccable. 

In his warm smile, she sank deeper and deeper. 

The next day was the weekend. When Miao Jane and her friends came back from shopping, she saw her mother chatting with Guo Wanan. 

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling short plus size homecoming dresses? Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

He not only cooks but also teaches his mother how to massage. His mother's cervical vertebra is not good and often cries for pain. His push and pinch make his mother feel much more comfortable. 

Later, on weekends for several weeks, Guo Wanan would sit at home, and his mother seemed to regard him as her own family, shouting so much that she didn't know how intimate he was. 

What does he mean, is he trying to chase her? 

But he didn't see him speak for a long time, maybe he just wanted to keep her to serve the company, so he deliberately "bribed" her mother. 

Miao Jane knew that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. When her mother fully recognized him and they knew the truth, she would not be able to stand the blow. 

So she lied that she already had a boyfriend and asked her mother not to get me wrong. 

She said that she only had a subordinate relationship with Guo Wanan, and her mother was sad for a few days after knowing this, but she didn't say anything more, but Guo Wanan suddenly disappeared. 

If he didn't answer his cell phone or send a text message, the personnel department said that if he didn't come back, he would be treated as absenteeism for no reason. 

Miao Jane was in a hurry because she was going to be fired, but no matter how many phone calls she made every day, there was still no news from Guo Wanan.