Perfume looking for love-6

/November 2021

Just when Miao Jane was very anxious, Guo Wanan suddenly called and said that he was downstairs of the company and told her to go downstairs immediately. 

Miao Jane is a little baffled, he has arrived at the company, why do you still let her go down, just come up on the line? 

With a series of question marks, Miao Jane ran downstairs with three steps and two steps, but stopped at the moment she saw him. 

Behind him stood a white-haired old man with a thin face. It was her long-lost father. 

She stumbled over to hug her father, tears streaming down her face. 

She was not only moved by the reunion of flesh and blood but also grateful for his good intentions. 

It turns out that just three months ago, Guo Wanan posted a post on Weibo looking for Miao Jane's father. 

Half a month ago, a netizen suddenly replied that he had seen an old man who looked like Miao Jane's father in the mountains of Sichuan and sent a positive photo. 

So Guo Wanan immediately drove to Sichuan, even forgot to ask for leave, did not bring his cell phone, just to enable their father and daughter to be reunited as soon as possible. 

Miao Jane's father hit his head and lost part of his memory, but still stubbornly clutched the red scarf she bought him. 

She looked at her father's confused and cloudy eyes, distressed and sad. 

But it is more fortunate than some kind-hearted people have taken in their father, and Guo Wanan has found her father for her. 

Miao Jian asked Guo Wanan why he was so kind to her. 

Is it just because of work? 

She was determined to make the matter clear no matter what this time. 

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Guo Wanan unexpectedly made a pre-emptive strike. He took out the camellias that were about to be crushed from his pocket, saying that he had picked them by the side of the road in Sichuan and that Miao bamboo slips, like this flower, had brought him warmth and hope. 

Finally, he said solemnly, "Miao Jane, be my girlfriend." 

It turns out that Miao Jane's father once supported Guo Wanan. 

When she was a child, she wrote to him in the name of her father and sent him her perfume. She said the perfume could make people happy and wanted him to live a happy life. 

She told him in her letter that her father was a professional perfumer, so he was determined to be an excellent perfumer from an early age. 

After graduation, Guo Wanan went to Miao Jane's city to work alone, blending the perfume she sent him with a new flavor, so he had a love-seeking D5 perfume. 

It witnessed the ignorant feelings between them, but also witnessed his journey of finding love. 

Later, when he found her, she was much fatter than when she was a child, but she was as strong and lovely as she had imagined. 

After that, he threw an olive branch to her, recruited her into the company, and ran into her by chance. He just wanted her to know more about him and pay attention to him. He wanted to express his love to her a long time ago. 

Miao Chien-tun smiled through tears, hugged him, hit him on the shoulder, and said, "Why didn't you say so!"