Pick up the petals on the ground-2

/November 2021

He took a sip of coffee and asked, "where do you work?" 

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She stirred the coffee and said, "I'm the announcer of the love column on Radio A." 

He suddenly opened his eyes wide and said excitedly, "you are the petals, and I am your loyal listener." 

With a common topic, the cold atmosphere gradually became harmonious, and the two chatted for a long time, and Komatsu sent her home. 

After that, he dated her frequently. 

Gradually found that she is not beautiful is really a very good woman, gentle, considerate, careful, can take care of housework, can cook delicious food, in addition to appearance, fully meet his criteria for choosing a wife. 

He began to rejoice to himself that thanks to her ugly appearance, she would not have been left to him if she had been married a long time ago. 

I was even more glad that I didn't pass her that day because I stayed for a while after listening to the music. 

Knowing that he had found the treasure, he hurriedly asked her to marry him. 

On the day of the proposal, she was so excited that she said with tears in her eyes, "I am not a beautiful petal growing on a branch. I am a withered fragment blown to the ground by the wind." 

Don't you dislike me? 

Besides, the prince will only marry a beautiful princess, how could you foolishly propose to an ugly duckling who can't become a white swan? " 

Xiao Song grabbed her hand, seriously put the ring on her hand and said, "Don't be silly, your perfection doesn't come from appearance." 

Princes and princesses are just fairy tales, and I just want to hold your hand and live with you. 

Don't talk about yourself like that! 

You have to be confident. 

The petals that fall to the ground are also of high quality and still have a fragrant residual fragrance, which is worth picking up. 

In my opinion, as long as they are famous flowers, their petals will not lose their value when they fall to the ground. " 

After listening to her moved to cry, at this moment she is no longer sad because she is the petals on the ground, because this may have been arranged by God, she can only meet him. 

Soon they got married, and there was occasional noise after marriage, which was also the sound of happiness. 

The protagonist said: "do not deny the value of a person by appearance, learn more about her, maybe she is the person you are looking for in this life."... "