Please give true love a chance

/November 2021

That year, she graduated from college and worked as a little editor at the newspaper. 

She is not very talkative, quietly compiling manuscripts or quietly reading English books. 

Colleagues know that she is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination and that she will receive a letter from a university in Beijing at intervals. 

The letter belongs to a boy. 

When she opened the letter, she would show a little undisguised eagerness, a few pages, but she read it sadly and happily. 

All this came into his eyeground. 

Their office was across a narrow corridor, and she occasionally looked up to the opposite, and he quickly looked away, as if he could only hear his heartbeat, and could not help wondering whether she was looking at her. or at the pot of jasmine in front of your desk.? 

Jasmine is half-tall, with sparse branches and leaves, full of emerald green, is about to enter the flowering season. 

He carefully moved Molly in front of her and asked her to look after her for him. He had to go to a different place for an interview for more than a month. 

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She was briefly surprised, and then said apologetically, "I'm afraid I can't keep it well." 

He smiled: "it doesn't matter." 

This jasmine is easy to raise. Just remember to water it. " 

She still quietly compiles manuscripts and reads books every day, and she never forgets to water the pot of jasmine in her spare time. 

Jasmine grows fast, and the tender branches grow irregularly and irregularly, but strangely, they don't grow a bud. 

For no reason, she thought of herself. 

For the sake of the boy who is a graduate student in Beijing, to maintain the shaky love, there is no better way to go to graduate school in Beijing. 

Her love needs to be tiptoed desperately and climb a ladder to reach it. 

I'm so tired. 

When he came back from the interview, she said apologetically, "Sorry, I didn't raise it well. It only grows leaves but doesn't blossom." 

He still smiled and went to Jasmine to fold the new tips carefully: "these too-long parts should be pinched off, otherwise they will not blossom." 

As soon as her heart hurt, tears suddenly appeared in her eyes. 

He gently held her hand and looked into her eyes: "give the flower a chance, give love a chance, give me a chance, will you?" 

Molly finally stayed in her office. 

Half a month later, the room was full of fragrant flowers.