Please graze your sheep in my eyes

/September 2021

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The boy gazed at the edge of my cotton field. His sheep are white and fat, like moving white clouds. The appearance of young people laughing is like cotton bursting in the field, full and warm.  

In the autumn evening, he passed me with a whistle. He said, "Hi, will you be there tomorrow?" I said "no" in my mouth, and I ran away. Later, I thought I must have looked like a stupid penguin. He won't know the reason why I ran away, because I think my image is ugly-the cloth bag used to hold cotton is so big, like a huge and bloated belly, which is ugly.  

The Sunshine Boy is a senior student in the school, one kilometer east of my home, and has crossed a small river, which is the village where he lives. He will go to sheep after school every day, just as I will help my mother pick cotton after school every day.  

Since then, I have never picked cotton again. Later, my mother told me, "There is a strange boy. There is no grass for sheep to eat near our cotton field, but he still goes there to keep sheep every day."  

One day after school, my neighbor sent a message saying that my mother had picked too much cotton and asked me to help. I rode my bicycle to the cotton field, and when I arrived, my mother finished picking it with half a ridge left. I lay on the soft cotton pile waiting for my mother, watching the white clouds float gently in front of me.  

He came from far and near with a whistle, and I greeted him: "Hi ..." 

He smiled at me from a distance. 

I asked him, "There is no grass for sheep to eat here. Why don't you put sheep in another place?"  

He raised his hand and ran over and whispered, "Because there is a sheep in my heart, only by staying here can the sheep in my heart find the grass to eat."  

This is crazy talk! I laughed and said loudly to my mother, "Mother, how stupid he is. He said there was a sheep in his heart!"  

The boy's face flushed bright red, and he ran away. His sheep are scattered on the golden Yuan Ye in autumn, like sporadic snow on the gold foil in Huang Chengcheng.  

That year, I was 13 and he was 15. Later, each of us was admitted to a high school in a different school. We didn't even know each other's names, and he disappeared into the vast sea of people.  

In my sophomore year, I received an e-mail from a stranger: "Hi, hello, I am the boy with a sheep in his heart, do you remember?" In the past years, such as the curtain slowly opened to both sides, the cotton with the fragrant and sweet smell was slowly revealed, and the boy who was driving the sheep and whistling … I already understood the meaning of that sentence at this time.  

In the early morning of Valentine's Day that year, I received a plain e-card: Would you allow me to graze my sheep in your eyes?  

That is the most poetic courtship language I have ever heard, which makes my heart bloom in June in the chilly February.  

Later, I asked him how he knew my name and how he found the address where I went to school now. He said: "Everything is possible as long as there is love in my heart." 

I believe his words. 

As long as there is love in my heart, every day can be Valentine's Day, regardless of wind and rain. Because love is omnipotent, it can make ordinary life shine and ordinary you and I become warm miracles in each other's eyes.