Practical love lasts the longest

/September 2021

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When M went to study in Italy, he fell in love with an Italian man. 

That is a man who can hold roses and wait for her patiently downstairs for 3 hours. He thinks that love is waiting. When he waits, his heart is sweeter than anyone else. 

This love made M make up his mind to change his life. 

When she fell in love with her husband Z, she said to him, the marriage is so long that we should tolerate each other's cheating. Z replied, you can use your chance, I don't need it. 

This playful agreement became a reason for her to forgive herself. 

On the flight home, she made up her mind to have a showdown with her husband. 

She was picked up at the airport by her parents as well as her husband. 

I haven't seen him for a year, but my father is in a wheelchair. 

Mother said, "your father had a stroke and lay in bed for the first half of the year. Thanks to Z's help, he wouldn't let me tell you that you were so far away. I was anxious to know." 

She looked sideways at Z, a well-behaved man, smiling honestly and saying, "my son-in-law is half a man." 

She can't tell how M's determination was disintegrated. 

In fact, when she saw her father in a wheelchair at the airport and heard her mother's words, she was in a trance for a moment. She could not imagine that the Italian, who had never mentioned her parents in front of her, would take care of her sick father in bed. 

M got sick. 

When she was haggard, Z came over and took her hand. They had not held hands so affectionately for a long time. 

His hand, like an explorer, touched a small protuberance on her hand and said, "you have dermatitis. I'll give you some medicine." 

Italian men do not know that she has neurodermatitis, she is his goddess, how did the goddess get dermatitis. 

The courage of the showdown was exhausted within three weeks, and she wrote an email to the Italian: good-bye. 

If she would choose Italian at the age of 22, but she is already 32 years old, the romantic love seems so unreal. 

There are exotic mountains and rivers in the dream, but I hold on to a pair of familiar hands when I wake up. 

What is love? there is a voice in her head saying that love is care, warmth, and support that can be obtained without much effort. 

When M told me this story, I thought of another story. 

That is also a fantasy girl, the child has just turned two years old, because of work, she came into contact with "high society", see those children, 10-year-old will play golf, tasting red wine, proficient in French, she said to her husband, for the sake of the children, we all have to work hard. 

Her opportunity came quickly, and a client asked her to start a business with her. 

She threw herself into it without hesitation, and at this time, her husband also had an opportunity to start a business, but he gave up. 

He has always been a man without courage, content with the status quo and not striving for progress. 

There was less and less talk between them, to be exact, she was too lazy to talk to him. 

She felt that there was no love between them, and there was no need for them to blend because of their different values. 

He went home from work and stayed with the old people and children, and her day ended in the early hours of the morning. 

Unfortunately, the business was not successful. 

When she told him that she had withdrawn and did not earn a penny, "it doesn't matter, my income is stable." 

That's what he said. 

At night, she lay beside him, frustrated by her failure, and asked him, do you still love me? 

He smiled and said, "I don't know what love is. All I know is that I want you to live a life with the least risk." 

It is more and more difficult to understand what love is. 

Because with getting older and more experience, once believed that love, at first sight, has also become "the so-called love at first sight, but the heart moves with color." 

In the complete works of Lin Huiyin, there is a chapter on "commemorating the 4th Anniversary of Zhimo's death." Last year, today, I accidentally passed your hometown in southern Zhejiang. I stared at the dark platform outside my independent train in the night, silently recalling many discontinuous fragments of the past until life and death unexpectedly became a blur. " 

Such affectionate words seem to prove that they were in love. 

Compared with Xu Zhimo's affection, Liang Sicheng's love is a more practical existence. 

The two parents are friends, with similar ages, similar interests, and no disturbance from their ex-wife. It is said that Lin Huiyin's architectural drawings are mostly sketches, and it was Liang Sicheng who finally helped her to finalize them. 

In their life, work and life permeate each other. Liang Sicheng is not as talented as Xu Zhimo, but he can accompany her to do what she wants to do. 

Even he studied architecture because it was her ambition: "I didn't even know what architecture was. Huiyin told me that it was a subject that included art and engineering." 

He is an oak tree, she is kapok, and their hands are held in the clouds. 

Compared to looking up at her grass, pestering her Lingxiao flower, facing the storm, the oak tree is her most practical shelter and snuggle. 

We used to be infatuated with soul mates, I did not open your prophecy, love and follow, it is as if we had known each other in the previous life and met in the afterlife, but this kind of love, either we did not meet, or after we met, we knew each other, or finally held your hand. But life has turned it into a pair of people who depend on each other. 

There is a difference between love and love. 

Love is a vigorous meal full of Han Dynasty, every dish is "fresh and strange", unforgettable; love is porridge, a bowl of Plain Noodles, a handful of cabbage, no pressure on others, you can afford it every day. 

To understand that practical love is the longest love, people have to go through how many things, how many self-righteous expectations and dreams.