Prague and Poplar Juvenile-1

/October 2021

At the age of 22, Lu Xiaoan owned a candy store of his own. 

The shop is located in an alley in the old city of Prague, with soft plush toys stacked with windows and the sound of music boxes flowing all year round, like a fairy tale world created by waving a magic wand. 

Unlike colorful candies, Lu Xiaoan is a very silly and persistent girl. She will point to an old picture hanging on the wall and say to every guest who walks into the candy house, "if you have ever seen him, please let me know." 

In the photo, the teenager's eyebrows and eyes are as good-looking as gouache, and his eyes are as black as the Caribbean in the night, calm and starry. 

He stood in the photo and smiled gently at Lu Xiaoan outside the photo, and behind him was the eternal sunshine of that year. 

The revolutionary friendship between Lu Xiaoan and Qiao Yang originated in the third grade of primary school when the flowers and bones of the motherland had not yet been poisoned by romantic idols and still blushed when they spoke to their classmates of the opposite sex. 

In a Chinese test, the teacher asked the students to make sentences with the word "bear hardships". Adhering to the excellent tradition of socialist core values, Lu Xiaoan proudly wrote down the words "I can bear hardships especially". 

However, when Lu Xiaoan bowed his head to pick up the pencil, a round head poked over from the next seat and added a sentence after Lu Xiaoan's sentence-but so far I have only achieved the first five words. 

After the examination papers were handed in, the foodie became popular overnight and became the most famous figure in the whole grade. 

Lu Xiao, who knew the truth, was not in a hurry to complain or cry, but calmly picked up a basin full of cold water and gave Qiao Yang an open-air shower in the cold of minus 29 degrees. 

Time is like the marshmallows in the hands of uncle round hat, sweet and soft, but come and go in a hurry. 

With the arrival of graduation and further study, Lu Xiaoan and Qiao Yang disappeared into their respective crowds without even saying a complete "goodbye". 

By the time Lu Xiaoan met Qiao Yang again, the bad guy with a round head had been transformed into a handsome oil painting teenager, while Lu Xiaoan was wasted into a real nerd. 

Therefore, the time is also a treacherous minister who watches people get under the dishes! 

Lu Xiao met Qiao Yang again in his third year of high school when Lu Xiaoan's father died and her mother remarried. She had to leave town to live with her aunt in the city. 

On the day of the transfer to the new class, under the misty rain, the headteacher pointed to an empty seat on the far left and said to her, "just sit next to Qiao Yang. He is the monitor and can take more care of you." 

Through his black glasses, Lu Xiaoan saw the young man in a snow-white shirt dressed in the soft rain, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, thin lips with an estranged smile. 

She only looked at it and then bowed her head, but repeated in her heart that it was you. 

The schoolwork in the third year of high school was heavy, and Lu Xiaoan paralyzed the hardship with one set of exercises after another. 

Taking advantage of the gap between the pages of the book to take a peek at Qiao Yang's exquisite profile became the only small comfort in her thin life.

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