Prague and Poplar Juvenile-10

/October 2021

There was a little rain floating on the day of departure, and Lu Xiaoan waited under Qiao Yang's dormitory with an umbrella early in the morning. 

Suddenly there was a slight sound of footsteps behind her. I turned around and saw Xu Pingting standing there with her boarding case. 

The dress is embroidered with exquisite Su embroidery, which looks like a flowing landscape painting from a distance. 

Xu Pingting's eyes were full of pride: "my application for studying abroad has been approved by the school, and in the days to come, I will accompany Qiao Yang." 

Lu Xiao, you should be smarter and give up Qiao Yang to someone more suitable for him. " 

The rain fell on the umbrella bones and the sound was clear. Lu Xiao was in a trance thinking of the colorful flowers and stones in Lijiang and the train whistle in the third year of high school. 

It was the years she went through with Qiao Yang, towering and warm, no one could destroy it, and no one could defeat it. 

Lu Xiao laughed: "even if you have been by his side, you can not go into his heart, because I live there, and will always live." 

Whether I go to Prague or England, I can't accompany him, but I'll wait here for him to come back. 

I believe that he will come back to me eventually, and we will always be together. 

You ask me why I should argue with you, and now I tell you that he and I have long regarded each other as the most precious people. " 

The mask on Xu Pingting's face finally broke, unwilling and resentful, looking ferocious. 

She threw away her umbrella and grabbed Lu Xiaoan's sleeve as if to tear her apart: "it's clear that I am the most suitable person for Qiao Yang, but because of your existence, he won't even give me a chance to confess." 

Lu Xiao, do you know how much I expect you to disappear completely from this world! " 

Lu Xiao was forced to step back step by step by Xu Pingting, the umbrella fell at her feet, and both of them were in a mess. 

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Suddenly his foot slipped, and Lu Xiaoan's body flickered and fell down the dozens of stone steps behind him. 

At the moment of falling to the ground, someone hugged her and held her in her arms. 

The stone steps were hard and sharp, and Lu Xiaoan felt a pain she had never felt before. warm liquid poured out of her protector and dripped on her eyes, blurring her line of sight. 

At the moment of the fall, Lu Xiaoan did not know that Qiao Yang was suffering from a serious congenital blood disease, and any small wound could cause fatal infection and blood flow; at that moment, Lu Xiaoan did not know what a high price Qiao Yang had paid to protect her. 

Qiao Yang's suitcase was thrown open, snow-white project materials scattered all over the floor, and was trampled dirty by Rain Water and footprints. 

Qiao Yang fell into Lu Xiaoan's arms, with a deep wound on his forehead, and the light rain suddenly became bigger, engulfing heaven and earth majestically. 

Lu Xiao saw her beloved teenager lying on a magnificent red carpet. She heard her hoarse cry, so sad, hovering over the city.