Prague and Poplar Juvenile-11

/October 2021

From that day on, no one ever saw Qiao Yang again. Some said that he had gone abroad to recuperate, while others said that he had been admitted to the highest university in Britain as an exception. 

The old professor chose other disciples to replace Qiao Yang, but no one could treat him differently like Qiao Yang. 

The excellent and handsome young man completely became a legendary man, emitting a slight light in the small conversation of the people. 

Xu Pingting was forced to drop out after losing her qualification to study abroad. 

On the day she left school, Lu Xiaoan stood where Qiao Yang fell and slapped her in the face. 

Whose tears fall and shine in the dust. 

In his senior year, Lu Xiaoan finally saved enough money and embarked on a flight to Prague. 

She walked alone on the Charlie Bridge at night, drank a full-bodied cup of coffee at 22 Golden Lane, where Kafka once lived and made a pious wish in St. Vita Cathedral. 

She firmly believed that her beloved teenager did not disappear forever, he just lost his way in a distant place, as long as she waited patiently here, he would eventually return and be reunited with her. 

When the wind blew, the migratory birds spread their wings and pierced the clouds, and the sun fell heavily, illuminating everyone's eyes. 

Lu Xiao and fell asleep quietly on the small table in the candy store. In a trance, she heard a song that Qiao Yang had loved for a long time. 

The star appeared on the side of the day, you know I began to miss, how much love can only look at each other from a distance, just like the moonlight on the sea, young we thought that people who love each other can last forever when we believe that love is deep together, can not hear the sigh in the wind …...

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