Prague and Poplar Juvenile-2

/October 2021

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During the lunch break, Qiao Yang fell asleep on the table, his eyelashes hanging lightly, like the trembling wings of a butterfly flying over the sea. 

Lu Xiaoan was fascinated and counted gently with his fingers in the air, one, two, three. 

When he counted to the seventh, Qiao Yang suddenly opened his eyes, and his dark pupils were covered with a thin glow of water, like golden quicksand. 

Startled, Lu Xiaoan reached over his hand and blindfolded Qiao Yang's eyes. 

Warm palms were immediately separated from the long eyelashes. In a hurry, Lu Xiaoan fell directly from the chair, and the opened physics book was upside down on his head, which was really embarrassing and embarrassing. 

Lu Xiaoan sat foolishly on the ground and didn't know what kind of expression to show. Qiao Yang smiled with a stomachache and held out his hand to Lu Xiaoan: "get up quickly. Where did you go when you splashed my wit with cold water?" 

Lu Xiaoan murmured, "so you still remember." 

Qiao Yang smiled, his eyes glowing like the stars: "it's not easy to forget." 

Later, Lu Xiaoan and Qiao Yang became the most successful mutual-aid learning group in the class. Qiao Yang got bad grades in math, chemistry and physics. Lu Xiaoan was so good at English that they made progress at the same time, and finally occupied the top two seats in the grade list. 

The head teacher crooked his nose and called for praise at the class meeting. Qiao Yang hid behind a mountain of books and was busy playing PSP. Lu Xiaoan was watching the head teacher's movements while silently writing a series of words on Qiao Yang's arm. These are the words you wrote wrong in the exam, which you should remember firmly this time! 

There was a light snow on Christmas Eve, which was a rare gift for this southern city. 

Egged on by Qiao Yang, Lu Xiaoan skipped her evening study, and the two men ran to the square, waiting for the bell to ring at zero in the noisy crowd. 

The snowflakes are getting bigger and bigger, and when the zero bell rings, countless fireworks bloom in the sky. 

There was a lively cheer in the crowd. Qiao Yang stood behind Lu Xiaoan and stuffed his headphones into Lu Xiaoan's ear at the moment of fireworks explosion. the loud sound of the fireworks explosion was isolated from the world, and only the music as light as water flowed around Lu Xiaoan's ears. 

Finally come to this day, to rush to their own world, no one can replace the memory of you, and that period of youth, all the way we have hand in hand, with sweat and tears to write forever, with laughter and glory in exchange for an oath. 

When the cheers died down, Qiao Yang leaned over to Lu Xiaoan's ear and asked softly, "did you make a wish when ringing the bell?" 


Lu Xiaoan smiled like an elf hiding in Santa Claus's pocket. She wrapped her hands around her lips and said in a crisp voice, "Lu Xiaoan wants to be admitted to the same university as Qiao Yang!" 

The best university in the country! " 

In the white snow and fog, the pure black eyes of the teenager seem to be outlined with pen and ink, and the curved curve of the lips is gentle and beautiful, which is the unique expression of youth.