Prague and Poplar Juvenile-3

/October 2021

With the advent of the mock exam, the third-grade students in senior high school seem to have lost their minds and even talk in their sleep with a formula. 

Lu Xiao felt that the degree of his glasses was not enough, so he thought of taking the time to change a new pair. 

Only Qiao, the monitor at the top of the list for ten thousand years, still looks leisurely, as if thousands of troops and wolves have nothing to do with him. 

On the day the first mock exam was released, Qiao Yang dragged Lu Xiaoan to the rooftop of the teaching building to see the scenery. 

The undulating blue sky of Baik Woo-Hwa is like a picture with too much ink. The two men sit side by side on the stone steps on the edge of the rooftop. Qiao Yang takes off a headset and stuffs it into Lu Xiao an's ear. 

When the music like water played, Lu Xiaoan put a silver paper crane made of tin foil into Qiao Yang's hand and whispered, "We agreed to go to the best university in the country and study the best major." 

Qiao Yang held a thousand paper cranes in the palm of his hand, and the midsummer wind brushed his black hair and her smiling cheeks, and the golden light spread out behind them, like a candle burning on his eighteenth birthday. 

On the eve of the college entrance examination, Lu Xiaoan's aunt knocked on Lu Xiaoan's door with a glass of warm milk, politely and succinctly indicating that the tuition fees for the three children put too heavy a financial burden on the whole family. 

Two little cousins who were about to go to high school poked their heads out from the door frame and looked timidly at Lu Xiaoan, who was sitting in a chair. His uncle deliberately made a loud noise on the TV in the living room. 

Lu Xiao hung her head and whispered, "I see." 

The moment her aunt closed the door and left, she broke the black pencil she used to draw geometry. 

The weather was fine on the day of the college entrance examination. Lu Xiao and Qiao Yang were not in the same examination room. 

Before entering the examination room, the handsome boy like a poplar tree especially bypassed most of the school, ran over and handed Lu Xiaoan a bottle of mineral water, looked into her eyes, and said "come on" very seriously. 

Those long and short three days are like a soft but blurry light mist in Lu Xiaoan's memory. 

Years later, she only remembered Qiao Yang's cool mineral water and the warm eyes when she looked at her. She only remembered the transparent tears that fell on the examination paper at the end of the last exam. 

It was dusk when Lu Xiaoan received the admission notice, and the setting sun scattered through the window lattice, and even the creeper on the courtyard wall was slightly golden. 

Countless shadows overlap, swaying back and forth on the peace of mind of the deer. 

Lu Xiao sat quietly at her desk with the phone for a long time, until the setting sun disappeared, she trembled and dialed Qiao Yang's mobile phone number. 

The blind sound sounded, the teenager's clear voice is like the green plant after the rain, just hearing it will make people feel at ease.

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