Prague and Poplar Juvenile-4

/October 2021

Lu Xiao threw the envelope containing the admission notice into the dustbin and whispered, "Sorry, Qiao Yang, I can't go to the same university with you."... " 

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, and the teenager's voice was tinged with anger: "I have long been admitted to the best university as a send-off student. I have been staying at school pretending that nothing has happened. I study with you, accompany you to take the exam, and even accompany you to take the college entrance examination, not to hear you say I'm sorry!" 

The phone was suddenly cut off and Lu Xiaoan curled up in the corner of the room like a homeless animal, crying with wet eyebrows and tears all over her face. 

Three days later, Lu Xiaoan received a phone call from Qiao Yang. The teenager's voice became much hoarse, and he whispered with the fine rain: "I have to go. Report to school. Will you come and see me off?" 

Lu Xiao stood on the crowded platform with a black umbrella. Rain Water slid down the black umbrella bones, splashing clothes and shoes, and the whole world was blurred into a wet mass. 

The two men looked at each other quietly across a passage less than a meter wide, their eyes filled with fog, the sky was low, and the branches and leaves of the plane trees fluttered overhead. 

Lu Xiao was about to say "Bon voyage" when she was brave enough to be interrupted by the long siren before the train started. The whistle was as crisp and desolate as a pigeon whistle in the noisy rain. 

Lu Xiao bowed her head and thought vaguely, you won't see Qiao Yang when you look up again, and you won't see him again in those days. 

With a sudden tightening on his wrist, Lu Xiaoan was dragged onto the train by Qiao Yang at the urging of the flight attendant. 

The sound of the rain hitting the tracks sounded in his ear. Lu Xiao stared out of the window at the rapidly retreating scene and heard Qiao Yang say, "I spoke to your aunt on the phone. I will take care of the tuition fee. I will get a scholarship, which is not enough." I'll take a part-time job. 

Leave all your troubles to me, let me worry about you, and let me take care of you. " 

The wind passing through the hall lies between the two people, with the smell of Rain Water and the fragrance of gardenia. 

After the light green youth itself hurriedly ran away, Lu Xiaoan saw Qiao Yang's wet eyebrows reflected in the firmness and courage he had never seen before. he was a popular boy who longed for freedom, but now he was willing to draw a circle on the ground as a prison.

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