Prague and Poplar Juvenile-5

/October 2021

In his first year of college, Lu Xiaoan found a part-time job in a milk tea shop near the school. 

After the training of the basketball team, Qiao Yang will go to the store for a drink of Iced Milk Tea. 

Lu Xiao learned to make muffins in the store oven and spread them with a little jam, which is fragrant and soft. 

Qiao Yang took a sip of Iced Milk Tea's bite off half of the muffin, and the remaining half was broken and fed to a stray cat who happened to be passing by. 

Lu Xiaoan's luggage and a series of documents were sent by his aunt after completing the admission procedures. 

On the day she received the parcel, Lu Xiaoan dialed her aunt's number from the public phone outside the teaching building. she heard her aunt sigh and say "take care" at the other end of the phone. 

Did not ask about the return date, nor a word of congratulations, that "take care" is as thin as autumn leaves, dry veins like scars. 

After hanging up the phone, Lu Xiaoan felt that her eyes were filled with water vapor. Suddenly her eyes were dark and someone blindfolded her eyes. 

Qiao Yang's voice bumped into his ear with warmth. "Don't cry," he said. "even if the sky falls, I'll hold it for you." 

At the orientation party, Qiao Yang sat behind the exquisite black piano, sitting in the hottest spot of the spotlight, singing a beautiful song, quiet and handsome eyes, like hiding heaven that no one could see. 

The star on the side of the day appeared, you know I began to miss, how much love can only look at each other from a distance, just like the moonlight on the sea …... 

Countless glow sticks waved into a beautiful sea, and the fine starlight fell on the handsome eyebrows and eyes of the teenager, intertwined with the black and white notes of the fingertips, as if countless snow-white migratory birds fluttered their wings, blocking the sky and the sea, leaving only people with the same mind to stare at each other.

When the music ceased, Lu Xiaoan wrapped her hands around her lips and shouted to Qiao Yang on the stage, like making a wish to the bell on Christmas Eve, "Qiao Yang, I like you!" 

Lu Xiao likes you! " 

When his fingertips struck the last note on the black and white keys, Qiao Yang's white shirt glowed softly and vaguely. He turned in that angelic halo, looked into Lu Xiaoan's eyes, and said silently with his lips, "what a coincidence. Qiao Yang likes Lu Xiaoan, too!"

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