Prague and Poplar Juvenile-6

/October 2021

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At that moment, it seemed that even the clouds going back and forth in time had a vivid expression, the starlight was stained with the light green of sycamore, the air was filled with the smell of kapok in full bloom, and Qiao Yang's silent words echoed constantly in the untouchable dimension. 

Qiao Yang also likes Lu Xiaoan! 

After the orientation party, Lu Xiaoan slipped into the background directly, and Qiao Yang was left to talk by the instructor because of his excellent performance. 

Lu Xiao was about to walk over when a girl in a white cotton dress took the lead and held out her hand generously in front of Qiao Yang: "Hello, Qiao Yang. My name is Xu Pingting. We will have a lot of opportunities to meet in the future." 

Xu Pingting is wearing exquisite makeup, and the arc of her side face is particularly beautiful under the light. 

Lu Xiao stood behind the clothes hanger. She could not see Qiao Yang's face, but only the confidence and plunder in Xu Pingting's eyes. 

At that time, Lu Xiaoan had no idea what kind of scars the girl named Xu Pingting would carve in her life. 

During the summer vacation of their freshman year, Qiao Yang and Lu Xiaoan bought a ticket to Lijiang with the money they earned from translating literature. 

Small bridge and flowing water, misty rain family, two people holding 24 bones of oil-paper umbrellas walking in the drizzling ancient town, the exquisite grain of the marble spread out at the foot. 

Lu Xiao tugged at Qiao Yang's sleeve and pointed out to him all the way. The grain on this stone was like a star, and that was like a duckling who had just broken its shell. 

Qiao Yang bought some snacks from the small shop on the street, picked up one, and handed it to Lu Xiaoan's mouth. Lu Xiao bit off half of it and stuffed the remaining half into Qiao Yang's mouth. 

Two people huddled under the oil-paper umbrella to drink the same cup of Naxi scenting wine, the mellow and crisp breath softened the time and years. 

I met Xu Pingting in a Naxi hot pot restaurant. 

The braised ribs and crispy meat made by the locals, mixed with all kinds of green vegetables, ups and downs in the exquisite copper pot, and the aroma drills into the nose. 

Lu Xiao was so greedy that he was about to put down his chopsticks when a clear voice suddenly came from behind: "I said we would have a lot of opportunities to meet. You see, you can see it!"