Prague and Poplar Juvenile-7

/October 2021

Before the words fell, a figure dressed in an improved Naxi costume was forced into the middle of the two. Xu Pingting tilted her head and smiled at Qiao Yang, and the jade bracelet on her wrist emitted a warm light. 

Lu Xiao instantly lost his appetite, pursed his mouth, and poked the ribs in the copper pot, moving a little too far and knocking over the wine cup at hand. 

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The temperature of the boiled Naxi scenting wine is not low. Xu Pingting retreated with a cry of surprise and bumped into several diners one after another, making a mess in the small shop. 

Lu Xiao hurriedly got up, but was caught by the back of the chair, a staggering foot, directly on Xu Pingting, two people fell to the ground together. 

Xu Pingting murmured of pain and opened her trouser leg. Her ankle was already swollen. 

Lu Xiao stood pitifully to one side, pulled Qiao Yang's sleeve behind everyone's eyes, and whispered, "I swear, I didn't mean to!" 

Qiao Yang smiled helplessly, but his eyes were still gentle when he looked at Lu Xiao. 

Xu Pingting is also a tourist. Now that she has hurt her ankle, she can't stay in Lijiang. 

Lu Xiao, as the culprit, can only escort Xu Pingting back to school with Qiao Yang. 

On the return train, Xu Pingting sat by the window with a book of poems, and her long hair brushed Qiao Yang's arms and shoulders intentionally or unintentionally, sweeping the fragrance. 

Lu Xiao silently took out a pair of small scissors and thought, if you are so rude, I will be even more impolite! 

It was dusk when she arrived at school. Xu Pingting was injured and could not walk easily. Lu Xiao helped her to get on the campus bus. 

Three people sat side by side in the last row, with Lu Xiao in the middle, nodding sleepily. 

Qiao Yang pulled Lu Xiaoan's head and pillowed her on his shoulder, then opened his palm to cover her eyes and shielded her from the dazzling afterglow of the sunset.