Prague and Poplar Juvenile-8

/October 2021

From the beginning to the end, Qiao Yang was gentle enough to drown the world, but there was only alienation and politeness when he looked at Xu Pingting. 

Xu Pingting bit her lip and turned her head, and the bright window glass reflected a face full of unwillingness and resentment. 

She thought, my love is not inferior to that girl, why should she occupy all the good of Qiao Yang. 

In his sophomore year, Qiao Yang's department worked on a project with Charlie University in Prague. The main person in charge of the project was a respected old professor, who had many highly educated disciples, but named Qiao Yang, who had not even graduated from a bachelor's degree, to Prague. 

For a time, Qiao Yang's excellence and light became the common understanding of the whole department. The head teacher patted Qiao Yang on the shoulder and kept exclaiming: "the youth has a bright future." 

There was silence in the library. Lu Xiaoan lay on Qiao Yang's left-hand side, put a piece of paper on his forehead and leaned close to Qiao Yang, his eyes full of lingering water. 

There is a picture of the city on the note, the Villetard River is gorgeous, and Charlie University is like a brilliant sapphire. 

At the bottom of the picture is a line of small print with a little childishness-remember to take a look at 22 Golden Lane, where I once lived in Kafka. Come back early. I will miss you. I will miss you very much. 

Qiao Yang bent his lips and smiled handsome and tender. he took off the note, folded it in half and folded it in his notebook. He leaned to Lu Xiaoan's ear and whispered, "how strange. I seem to have started to miss it before I left." 

Qiao Yang's date for going abroad has been set, and he is so busy with the old professor all day long that he can't even attend the training of the basketball team. 

In the milk tea shop, there is a lack of some handsome young man who likes to flirt with stray cats, and even the adults of the store manager feel that time has suddenly become boring. 

In the evening, Lu Xiaoan was walking back to her dorm room while listening to English with headphones. Xu Pingting suddenly appeared in front of her, her pure white skirt horn shaking gently with the shadow of the tree, and Lu Xiaoan subconsciously stepped back half a step.

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