Prague and Poplar Juvenile-9

/October 2021

When Xu Pingting spoke, her tone was full of anger: "as long as the research project undertaken by the old professor is completed, Qiao Yang will be able to go to the highest university in the UK for further study and a master's degree." 

This is a good opportunity that many people have always dreamed of, but I heard him turn down the professor's recommendation. 

All this is because of you, you even need Qiao Yang's help in tuition fees, how can you go abroad with him, so he can only give up his good future and good opportunities! 

Lu Xiao, how long are you going to drag Qiao Yang down? 

He could have had a better life, but he had to break his wings because of you. 

Lu Xiao, you are not qualified to like him, let alone to argue with me! " 

Lu Xiaoan's face was instantly colorless. She tried to explain, but found it irrefutable. 

Along the way, Qiao Yang gave her too much help and precious emotion, which is the only sunshine and heat in her thin youth. 

What she fears most is that one day, she will become a drag on Qiao Yang. 

The person she loves deeply, with an inestimable future and an equally excellent brain and appearance, how can his wings be broken off because of her. 

Lu Xiao clenched the strap of her schoolbag and walked past Xu Pingting. As she brushed past her, she heard Xu Pingting's deliberately low voice: "I have applied to the school to study abroad and go to Charlie University in Prague. In the future, I can accompany him whether he is going to Britain for further study or settling down in any country. 

I will try to be the most suitable person for him, Lu Xiaoan. Why should you argue with me? " 

The leaves are falling, the summer is coming to an end, and the sun is not strong enough to cover the eyes, so the traces of tears are particularly obvious. 

My poplar boy, the person I admire with all my strength, how on earth should I choose to give you all the best things? 

The date for Qiao Yang to go abroad is approaching, and both of them have their things to do, so they have been unable to find time to meet. 

There is a small rooftop with an excellent view on the top floor of the library. Lu Xiao likes to sit on it for a breeze, and he can often see Qiao Yang and the old professor walking side by side in front of the library. 

She could not see their expressions clearly, but she could feel how much he appreciated the excellent handsome boy from the strength of the old professor when he patted Qiao Yang on the shoulder.

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