Protect the city that you promised-1

/November 2021

Milan, a sunny, happy, talented little girl who is beautiful and slim, and writes beautiful articles, can be regarded as a little famous in Chifeng, her hometown. 

She was sent to the mainland from a magazine in Taiwan to learn about the customs and culture of various regions so that compatriots in Taiwan can better understand the cultural environment of the mainland. 

One day, Milan took a train from Kyoto to her hometown Chifeng, the last area of the interview. 

She was lying in the upper bunk reading the Wedding Magazine. She was reading it with relish. Suddenly, as soon as her hand slipped, the magazine fell off and hurriedly reached out to catch it, but it was still too late! 

At this time, a clean, handsome face poked out from the lower bunk and said again and again, "who is so kind and knows that I am bored, so send me a magazine?" Milan quickly apologized, "Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" 

Milan's sincere apology made him want to tease the shy little girl. 

The young man in the lower bunk said, "well, it was either intentional or intentional!" 

Since you sincerely want to see me off, I'm not welcome. " 

As he said that, he opened the magazine and read it, and Milan couldn't help laughing at this movie. 

Milan looked at her and snorted mischievously: "if you have read my magazine, you must show me your book." 

With that, he took the young man's book in his hand and began to read it. 

Milan looked at it for a few minutes and suddenly shouted, "did you call Wei?" did you write the article about wedding dress design in Wedding dress Magazine? " 

Wei Lai was surprised and thought to himself: strange, how did she know? 

"Ah, it's strange, isn't it? 

Your name and major are written in your book. " 

"Oh, you're so good, you can guess. What do I call you?"

"my name is Milan." 

What a beautiful name, Wei Lai immediately thought of the idiom "Huixin Orchid quality" and blurted out two lines of poetry: orchid, carry forward its fragrance. 

If you don't pick it and admire it, why should Yu Lan be hurt? " 

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Milan said happily: "your literary talent is so good. I have to learn from you." 

With that, he reported himself to the house. 

Wei Lai is also a doctoral student in the Department of Fashion Design at a well-known university in Kyoto.