Protect the city that you promised-2

/November 2021

With the two books as the media, the two gradually became familiar with each other, and when they had a common topic, they seemed very congenial to chat. From Taiwan to the mainland, from clothing to wedding dress, from life to work, it was a pleasant trip. 

After half a month of correspondence, the two also changed from initial speculation to a tacit understanding, and the content of the communication also added some words that could only be understood and indescribable. 

Under the repeated "instigation" of her friends, Wei Lai finally plucked up the courage and sent her such a letter: "I am not rich, but I am full of passion; I do not have much income, but I am engaged in a noble career; I cannot give you a luxury car and mansion." but it can give you a lifetime of happiness and happiness. 

I hope you can wear the wedding dress I designed for you. Would you like to be my only one? " 

After the message was sent, there was a nervous and anxious wait. 

Feel extremely enchanting in plus size casual wedding dresses. Whatever your choice, take advantage of a huge discount of 70 percents!

A few hours later, Wei Lai received a reply from Milan. When he opened it, there were only four lines of capital letters. 

Wei Lai looked at the letters and found that English was not English and Hanyu Pinyin could not be spelled out. He was puzzled: what kind of medicine did she sell in the gourd? 

Wei Lai pondered the letter over and over, and suddenly he thought of a post he had seen in Baidu's "Chifeng" post-bar. Could these letters be the code of the five-stroke input method of Chinese characters? 

He hurriedly turned on the computer and changed to the five-stroke state. as those letters were typed, the following words appeared on the screen: 

I am infatuated with self-pity/love until I am silent / I am exclusive / I am known when I come. 

Wow, that's great. This is a Tibetan poem. The first word of each poem is "I love Wei Lai". 

This not only showed her heart but also answered his question. 

Wei Lai was not carried away by happiness. He thought, "it's not rude to come and go. I also want to surprise Milan in some way to make her happy."

In the next two months, as many people foresaw, Milan and Wei came later, and their later days, like so many couples, were ordinary, sweet, with no lack of small quarrels, but did not affect them at all. they are using Wei Lai and Milan to talk about their love. 

In the park, Milan was deeply attracted by the scene in front of her. A white veil floated in front of her eyes, and the girl wore a white wedding dress with a happy smile on her face.