Protect the city that you promised-3

/November 2021

"it's so beautiful," Milan sighed. 

"I will let you wear the wedding dress that I designed for you, which only belongs to you," Wei Lai firmly promised. 

The good time always makes people feel short, the day for Milan to report back to Taiwan has come, and the parting always doesn't want to be experienced, especially between couples. 

"Don't go, will you?" Wei Lai choked. 

"When I finish handing over the work over there, I'll come back and wait for me." the same reluctance. 

"When you come back, put on my wedding dress." 


Wei Lai, a man like the wind; Milan, a woman as delicate as sand, wind, and sand is supposed to be one, then they are destined to be affectionate around the world. 

They are destined to blend into each other's lives. 

But the sand floated to the land on the other side of the ocean, and there has been no news ever since. 

No matter how he looks for this side of the other side, Wei Lai feels that there is no future! 

Milan stared blankly at the beauty of the Sun and Moon Lake, wrapped in cloths, and pulled down its hat. If I had this chance, I would put on my wedding dress and stand in front of you. If I didn't have this chance, many girls would put on my wedding dress to show you. Just for the promise I once made, Milan ran this wedding shop. 

Our tea length wedding dresses for older brides are a perfect combination of comfort and elegance and fit any occasion. Enjoy our fabulous selections that will make you stand out.

No decadence, only perseverance, Wei Lai promised to put on her wedding dress, he did, a unique wedding dress came out, the wedding dress is beautiful, not only because of her surface elements but the story below. Wei Lai's wedding dress records the promise of Milan, and the studio collects happy moments between different couples every day to depict the impression of Milan. 

Three years later, five years later... 

In front of the window of a studio, only the only wedding dress with a unique white design attracted every girl, which was particularly eye-catching compared with the dress next to her. The warmth from her waist made her tremble, and her voice was still so familiar. Finally, wait until you come back. Try it on! 

The girl burst into tears. 

I have the impression that the Milan Wedding Photography Club has stopped in the city that I promised you, just because you are the only one for me. 

In the blank pages of life, Milan and Wei Lai write with each other, to fill, bleach, and dye different colors, smear different fireworks, perhaps, in the coming year, when I think of it, I am afraid they will have a good aftertaste.