Proverbs of love my fate with my wife

/September 2021

My fate with my wife is more legendary than the plot of the movie Roman Holiday. Originally, I didn't believe there was such a legend at the end of the 20th century, but it did happen.  

My wife is my reader. She studied finance in college and worked as a department manager in a Hong Kong company in the south after graduation. She likes literature far more than her major. By chance, she read my "Fire and Ice" and tried to write the first letter to me according to the vague address. She wrote in the letter:  

"So far, I have never written a letter to a stranger, but Wang Xiaobo's death has given me a great impact, because he is the one I once wanted to write a letter to, and now, the letter is still brewing in my heart, and people have no idea what to do. I feel unprecedented pain and regret. The world is noisy and my life is lonely. I always thought that the driving force supporting my life is what Russell called three simple and extremely strong passions: the desire for love, the pursuit of knowledge, and the heartfelt pity for human suffering. Under such a driving force, life is doomed to be lonely, endless, and almost desperate loneliness. I think if there are still a pair of eyes crying with me, then life is worth suffering for.  

So, because of Wang Xiaobo, because of loneliness, because of the fragility and helplessness of life, I finally brought up a pen and wrote to you, serious and sincere. "  

This letter touched me deeply, and I immediately wrote back to her. After that, we began to communicate. We are talking about serious and heavy topics, unlike the correspondence between young men and women.  

On the night of my 26th birthday. I suddenly got a call from a strange girl. That magnetic voice, I seem to have heard it in my dream. By the way, the voice came from the owners of those letters!  

I said, today is my birthday. She said she didn't know this. The reason why she called me was that she had just pulled out a wisdom tooth. After the anesthetic lost its efficacy, the wound hurt badly. Since she has no relatives or friends around her, she wants to call me for some reason, and only calls me alone.  

That night, we talked on the phone for over an hour. She said that she deals with those big businessmen every day, and has seen wealthy businessmen in Hong Kong. However, there will be a day when Jinshan Yinshan will disappear, and the poet's poems will always be in her heart. In the vast space and time, many politicians and rich people have vanished, but poor poets can get eternity with a poem. 

Outside the window, it is rare starlight in Beijing, and the starlight in the south must be brighter than that in the north. The stars in the sky correspond to the stars in our hearts. Just as Kant said, those who have stars in their hearts will have stars on their heads.  

A few days later, she got a business trip to Beijing, and we made an appointment to meet in front of Peking University. Far away, I saw a handsome girl standing in the cold wind, her lips white with cold. I think it must be her.  

She came to my humble cottage, and I turned on the computer to show her my new article. She just revised it unceremoniously, as if she were revising her articles. I always cherish my own words as much as I cherish my life. I was not angry at her "unbridled" behavior. Just met, all etiquette has disappeared, and we seem to have known each other for centuries. Later, the wife said that she had a wonderful feeling at that time, and felt that the cottage seemed to belong to her.  

See the first side, everything has been settled. She went back to the south and gave up everything she had at that time. The boss offered to double her salary and arranged a villa for her free use. She smiled and refused. 

So, she came to Beijing, a strange and cold city, and to my hut, where water and power were often cut off, and became my life partner through thick and thin. She used to be a fashionable urban white-collar worker, wearing famous brand clothes and expensive cosmetics and went to the women's fitness club. Now, she has abandoned these extravagant consumption habits because her life partner is a poor scholar. At the same time, she also chose a bumpy life path.

"If there are still a pair of eyes crying with me, then life is worth suffering for." Such platonic love is the legend created by the author and his wife.

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