Reason for marriage

/September 2021

She finally decided to end her single life because of an illness. It's no big deal. When her colleague moved, she went to help. Somehow, she sprained her shoulder, causing pain, indescribable pain, such as tearing, and the simple action of dressing and eating was extremely difficult. The most bitter thing is lying in bed at night. When you need to turn over, you bite your teeth. It hurts so much that you sweat, but you still can't turn over. There are tears trickling down slowly, and you still need to wipe them off by yourself. No one knows. Quietly go to the doctor, they say, muscle injury, drink some soup, and then take some plaster back to paste, rest for some days, will naturally get better.

The reason for getting married: decocting soup is a very troublesome job. I remember when I was a child, someone was sick in my family. When my mother decocted medicine, she always stayed by the fire for hours, never leaving her eyes, stirring from time to time, saying that once the water was boiled dry, many expensive medicines could only be thrown away because they were poisonous.

When she remembered her mother's words, she did not dare to neglect the medicine before her eyes. She moved a small stool, endured the pain, patiently and slowly decocted the medicine, put a book on her lap, looked at the medicine, and then flipped through the book. Finally, the medicine was fried, put in a bowl, frowned, held her breath, and drank it in one breath. Although it was bitter, the task was finally completed.

What worries her is the plaster that will be stuck on that day, which has been painted many times. The position of shoulder pain is beyond her reach. She sticks it in front of the mirror, crooked and crooked again, tired and panting, and the plaster has become a crumpled mass, and still can't find the key parts, so she has to stick it at random.

The next day, she went to the hospital, and the doctor smiled and said to her, "Such a good plaster is a waste. Did you post it yourself? Don't try to be brave, let your lover help you stick it next time! Come, now I'll help you change it again ... "

She was speechless, and the celibacy she had always adhered to was suddenly loosened. In the end, you should find someone, even if it's just for the sake of having a pair of warm hands to help you stick the medicine.

All the relatives and friends were surprised, because of her stubbornness and sudden change, only she knew in her heart that the reason for getting married was actually so simple.

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