Red roses and white roses in adolescence

/October 2021

All love doesn't start without reason. 

Afterward, Shen Qing wondered why he neither passed the library door earlier nor too late, bumped into Huang Xiaoju, who ran out of it, and saw her in tears. 

That day, he happened to be holding a basketball and wanted to play. 

The setting sun fell on him, making the science and engineering boy look more tall and handsome. 

When Huang Xiaoju bumped into him, he only saw a pink shadow jumping on him. 

Sometimes, the love of spring is just a matter of the twinkling of an eye. 

During the three years of college, Shen Qing was in a daze like a small tree that did not sprout, but this collision enlightened him, and at that moment, he finally believed that there was love at first sight. 

He asked cautiously, is everything all right? 

Sometimes, encounters are so wonderful. 

The next day, Shen Qing appeared in front of Huang Xiaoju's dormitory, holding several bright balloons, and the two stammered about the weather. 

Only then did Shen Qing know that sometimes stuttering and stuttering are all because of love. 

Huang Xiaoju is not outstanding at all, with buckteeth, glasses, sparse hair, and freckles on her face, but Shen Qing just likes her. 

Although he is the number one Prince Charming in the computer department, in the words of roommate Liu, it is called a small tree planted in cow dung. 

Shen Qing is also impolite, he is inseparable from cow dung, he also needs to thrive. 

The two began to go in and out together and live the life that lovers should have-going to the canteen, watching late-night movies, eating Spicy Hot Pot. 

On the campus, he held her hand, the sky was blue, and the brilliant sun seemed to shine for love. 

The two men often sat on the swing rack in the garden, swinging to and fro. 

Huang Xiaoju does not need to move, Shen Qing takes her to fly, Huang Xiaoju's voice is very sharp across the sky, her hair is flying in the wind, everything is so beautiful. 

Huang Xiaoju said: if you break up with me in the future, I will cry to death. 

He hugged her from behind and said, No, I don't want you to cry to death. 

Shen Qing took Huang Xiaoju back to the small town, one is to let his parents meet Huang Xiaoju, and the other is to attend a high school classmate reunion. 

Shen's mother was not enthusiastic when she met Huang Xiaoju, which made Huang Xiaoju a little embarrassed. 

Shen Qing pulled his mother aside, his mother's eyes are full of doubts, Huang Xiaoju is not worthy of you, the height is only 1. 

57 meters, average-looking, by the way, you're not going to Holland? 

It turns out that mothers are also snobs. 

At the classmate reunion, he heard several boys laugh at him behind his back: the girlfriend brought back by Shen Qing is ugly, so many girls chased him before, how could he choose such a girl, I can't figure it out. 

There are also a few girls covering their mouths and laughing, whispering about Huang Xiaoju's ugly hairstyle. 

Shen Qing was very sad. He always thought he didn't care. 

Later, when he danced with Huang Xiaoju, he thought she was short, like a dwarf in the forest. 

Later, the others stopped dancing, leaving only him and her to continue to dance. 

She said not to jump, but he awkwardly insisted on it, which was somewhat stubborn and overbearing. 

Then he heard laughter as if his classmates were laughing at him and her. 

No, she got rid of him and ran away. 

He didn't go after him. He knew it was over between him and her. 

The feeling of that moment was so humiliating that he remembered it for the rest of his life. 

Back at school, they didn't look for each other anymore. He often sat alone on the swing rack. 

Ye Dai, who was as far away as the Netherlands, sent him a letter saying that he could be guaranteed. 

He wrote back to her and said, "I'll go." 

When he left, he went to Huang Xiaoju and invited her to have ice cream. 

She still eats ice cream so seriously. 

They sat on the swing until midnight that day, and there was a distance of 10 centimeters between them. 

At last, she suddenly burst into tears and begged in a low voice to hug me for the last time. 

He hugged her but felt that something precious had been lost, lost from the fingers of youth. 

He remembers the moon that night, half the moon, slowly setting, falling. 

Shortly after arriving in Holland, Shen Qing and Ye Dai got married, but he was not happy. 

Many nights, he dreamed about the swings on the university campus, which belonged to him and Huang Xiaoju. 

Later, he simply made a swing in his yard. 

He carved a name on the swing, which he couldn't tell if he didn't pay attention to. 

At the moment, his hands trembled a little, and he always thought he had forgotten her. It turned out that she was still in his heart-the woman who was not good-looking, the woman who was attached to him, the woman who would burst into tears when reading a novel. 

He decided to return home to see her. 

The swing is still there, old and rotten. 

He stroked it and suddenly choked up. 

On the swing, Huang Xiaoju carved a series of names, all of which are his! 

He asked about her, and she went abroad, went to New Zealand, and got married. 

He thought, could she have thought of him in her youthful dream? 

It should be, the people and things that have been loved in youth must be tattooed for a lifetime, how can they be easily forgotten? 

When the monitor called, he was about to leave the campus. 

The monitor said, look how extravagant it is this spring. All the old classmates are back. I'm the host. We'll catch up together. If you want to cry, don't be embarrassed. 

He laughed on the phone, concealing his emptiness. 

What a coincidence that Huang Xiaoju came back. 

He went late that day. As soon as he entered the door, he saw her dressed in white, but it didn't seem to be her. 

She is taller, thinner, and darker, but she is very temperamental. 

Her buckteeth are gone, and she doesn't wear glasses. 

Instead, she came over graciously, took his hand, and asked him how old the child was and how he was doing in Holland. 

He wanted to say yes, but he opened his mouth, but he didn't say a word. 

When I think of "Red Rose and White Rose", it is the man who cried when the former lover met. 

Now, he was deliberately drunk and cried loudly on the table. 

Huang Xiaoju patted him on the shoulder and said, it's over, it's over.

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