Remember each other's good

/October 2021

She used to be a good wife, so when the siege collapsed. 

She couldn't figure it out. She was so good, so why did her husband have an affair and cheat? 

After a painful breakup, she was afraid of men and dared not remarry for a long time. 

With the passage of time and longing for love, she finally met a very nice person. 

The difference is that she is divorced. 

He is unmarried and has just broken up with his ex-girlfriend. 

His kindness to her melted the ice in her heart a little. 

She fell in love with him, but she hesitated whether to marry him or not. 

He asked, "can you tell me the story of your ex-husband?" 

The heartache of the past prompted her to tear. she said and scolded how her ex-husband was so selfish, chewing and enjoying himself. She said that her ex-husband was modern Chen Shimei and should have let him go to see the King of Rip. 

He listened quietly, and when she had finished, he slowly talked about her love, like an affectionate poem. 

He praised his ex-girlfriend for being cute and sensible. 

She asked, "if she's so nice, why did you break up with her?" 

He smiled and replied, "because I am not suitable for her, she will find someone more suitable for her than I am, and so will I." 

She blushed. 

He said, "there must have been unpleasant things between me and her, otherwise how could we have broken up?" 

However, I forgot all those things. I only remember the beautiful things she left me. 

I hope I can start my life again happily, and I hope she will do the same. 

Therefore, when I meet you, I will not use her badly to find your good, so it is inevitable to rush; nor will I use her good to pick your bad, which is dishonest to myself and unfair to you. " 

She had ups and downs. Yes, he was right. 

She remembered her ex-husband's kindness to her: he asked for nothing at the time of the divorce and gave her the house, possessions, and valuables. 

She thought at the time that it was because he was having an affair and felt guilty. 

Only then did she realize that there was guilt, but it was more likely that he wanted her to have a good life. 

With tears glistening, she stopped her thoughts and stared at the man in front of her. 

He asked, "will you marry me?" 

She thought carefully and nodded. 

He took her hand and asked softly, "Why did you agree so quickly?" 

She said, "because you are a person who knows how to cherish."

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