Rolex began with a sad and unrequited love

/November 2021

Rolex has a top reputation in the global watch kingdom. 

The brilliance of this famous watch brand embodies the lifelong efforts of watch master Hans and Wilsdorf, as well as a period of mournful love in his life. 

Hans used to work as a salesman in a jewelry store in Berlin. 

One day, a girl with blue eyes came and took a fancy to a delicate pearl necklace, but other customers had already paid a deposit. 

The next day, when the customer who ordered the pearl necklace came to the jewelry store, Hans sincerely explained everything, and the customer was moved and finally agreed to replace it with another necklace. 

Because of this, Hans fell in love with this girl named Corinne from Switzerland. 

Hans and she agreed that when Corinne returned to Switzerland, the two would pour out their lovesickness by writing letters. 

However, although Hans wrote frequently, there was no reply from her, so Hans decided to go to Switzerland to find the girl he loved. 

But Corinne's snobbish stepmother opposed their association, and at last, she suggested that Corinne could be handed over to Hans only if he came to propose with 100, 000 francs. 

Hans gritted his teeth and agreed. 

Just as Hans was worried about the large sum of 100,000 francs, he received a telegram from his English friend. 

His friend is going to open a watch company in London and wants Hans to partner in business. 

Hans immediately booked a trip to London and was ready to tell Corinne about his decision at the four o'clock appointment that afternoon. 

But it was almost five o'clock, and Corinne still didn't come, so Hans had to write her a letter and put it in the mailbox and set out with regret. 

Two years later, the company they started grew rapidly into a medium-sized watch company, and Hans saved 100, 000 francs. 

Hans rushed back to Switzerland excitedly, but Corinne's stepmother told him that Corinne was married! 

Hans returned to London in a daze. 

Three years later, an old friend from Switzerland on a business trip to London visited Hans and brought news about Corinne. 

Corinne's husband is a famous playboy, not only drinking, but also messing around, never regarding Corinne as a human being, punching and kicking her whenever he doesn't like it. 

In the spring of 1920xx, Hans came to Switzerland. 

At a cocktail party, Hans and Corinne, who got the information in advance, "bumped into each other", which also solved the mystery that Corinne failed to attend the appointment. 

It turned out that on the day Hans left Switzerland, Corinne, wearing his watch, went to the appointed place at four o'clock in the afternoon, but there was no sign of him. It was only later that Corinne realized that the watch had somehow slowed down for a whole hour! 

After Hans went to London, Corinne received a letter from Hans to the effect that he had failed so badly that he had no money to marry her and told her not to wait for him. 

Corinne was discouraged and married a wealthy businessman introduced by his stepmother. 

After getting married, she unwittingly learned that it was all a trick of her stepmother. 

For the sake of Corinne, Hans registered the laborer's trademark. 

Because the watch was not allowed to hurt him when it left, he began to work hard on the accuracy of the watch, and soon the first batch of labor earth watches came out, which was sought after by the aristocracy and the rich because of their superb craftsmanship and quality. 

Hans also built a Rolex couple's watch and gave one to Corinne. 

When Corinne's husband found out what was wrong with her, he sent someone to follow her secretly. 

The revelation of the affair made Corinne suffer from schizophrenia and finally threw himself into the river.

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