Romantic love story of lavender

/September 2021

Once upon a time, in a simple town, there was a girl with purple hair named Xiao Xun. The villagers here all thought that she was a monster because people couldn't have purple hair. Xiao Xun's parents abandoned her for various reasons. The poor girl had to live by selling flowers, and the flowers Xiao Xun sold were white lavender.

Xiaoxun is a very kind girl. She works hard every day, but no matter what she does, the villagers still can't accept her with purple hair. But Xiaoxun never complained about it because she firmly believed that God was fair and he would compensate himself in other ways. In this way, time is clear. Unconsciously, the passing wind passed by, and suddenly Xiaoxun became a beautiful woman with the whole city, a person who made all the girls in the town jealous. No matter how beautiful her beauty is, no one is willing to accept it. Lonely Xiao Xun often goes to the forest to talk with the small animals there. Slowly Xiaoxun met an invisible boy in the forest-Yu, and the fish had a bright smile like the morning sun. Xiao Xun will give him the most beautiful lavender every day to talk with him. Boys are also very touched. Soon they fell in love with each other.

Xiao Xun heard a legend from nowhere that there is a pool of spring water in the forest that can cure any disease. To restore the light to her beloved boy, she embarked on a long journey to find magical spring water. But for days and nights, Xiao Xun found nothing. At this moment, she suddenly saw a boy waiting in the distance for her to bring back the air potion that could make her see the world again. Xiaoxun cried and cried so desolate. Tears ran down her fair skin and landed on her hands full of blood. Dropped onto the white lavender, and finally, the girl's actions touched the elves living in the lavender. They told the girl where the spring water was located, but they also told her the price to pay after getting the divine water.

Will, it hurt him? I don't want him to suffer any harm. "You can rest assured that the spell will only be fulfilled on yourself. "Looking at the distant girl, she shed tears silently again. According to the directions of the elves, the girl quickly found the legendary spring water that can cure any illness. Under the escort of the elves, the girl finally returned to the boy to cure him. The spring really brightened the boy's eyes. He saw the world, but he didn't see the girl he loved. The girl left quietly. She didn't want the boys to see her appearance and see her purple hair. The boy was sad, but he couldn't find the girl. The angel he saw in his dreams countless times, the girl looked at the boy from afar every day and secretly sent him lavender every day. Finally, one day, the boy thought of away. As usual, she secretly put the most beautiful lavender at the door of the boy's house. Just as she was leaving, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.

Are your flowers for me, my angel? At this moment. A handsome boy came out from behind a big tree. It's him. The girl's heart seems to have been hit. I can't. I can't let him see me. He'll be scared. In a panic, the girl began to run to the depths of the forest, but no matter how she ran, the boy quickly caught up with the girl and grabbed her hand, and held it tightly in her arms.

"Why did you leave me? you know how sad I am."

I am a monster, a person that everyone spurns, and we can't be together. No, you are not a monster, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. In my heart, you will always be my favorite person. No matter what happens, I won't give up on you, even if your hair is purple. Just when the boy said this, all the lavender around them absorbed the color of the girl's hair, and the girl's hair turned golden. Pure white lavender has turned purple until now. The girl and the boy finally embraced and felt the hard-won happiness. Just then an angel appeared from the sky. It turns out that if you want to get the magnificent spring water, you have to pay for your precious life. The girl gave up her life to let her loved ones see the light again. Just to make boys live a better life. The shocking news made the boy unacceptable. He would rather be blind forever than let his beloved girl die for himself. The boy decided to cut out his eyes in exchange for the girl's life.' Angel, I beg you to let her go. I would rather not see the light than live without her. However, no matter how the boy begged the angel, he could not save the girl's life. They all cried silently. The girl still left with the angel, but before the girl left, she made a wish to the angel, "Let me live one more second, let me embrace the smell of lavender in the wind again, because I will turn into the smell of lavender and stay with him forever."

Xiao Xun left, leaving only the purple lavender and his infinite love for the boy. Many years later, in a dense forest, a large number of lavender flowers are planted, and when they bloom, their fragrance can be smelled ten miles away; What's even more wonderful is that standing in a large flower field, the fragrance you smell is still far and mild. Just like Xiao Xun's love for boys, it will never disappear over time.

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