Romeo and Juliet love-1

/November 2021

When it comes to love, what is a classic, and what kind of love moves you the most? 

Is it Liangzhu who is followed by two butterflies? 

Or is it the eternal JACK and ROUSE of my heart on Titanic? 

Is it the millennium of Xu Hanwen and Bai Suzhen? 

Or the sad song of life and death of Romeo and Juliet? 

Or, it is the love between Bai tassel and Fan Liuyuan. 

To these, I just want to say-- "NONONO"! 

In my opinion, the love that moves me most is the grievances of my parents without regret, disgust without giving up, love without saying-always putting on a stinky face of concern, and giving a lot of advice under the pretext of scolding. 

My mother always blamed her father for being poor, for failing to give herself a wedding that everyone envied, and for not being a princess for a day; for failing to serve soup and water when she was pregnant in October, and not being a queen for less than a year; what's more, she blamed her father for failing to have an easy and well-paid job, which made her work hard all day, making the speed of aging more ruthless than time. 

However, she never regretted the marriage and always smiled and said to me, "your father is a chicken, so I have no choice but to marry a chicken." 

When there was no dream wedding, my mother smiled and worshiped the church; without enjoying the pregnancy, my mother sincerely looked forward to me; even in those years in the windy, rainy, and leaking house, even when I lived in the days of getting up early in the morning and in the dark, hard and poor, my mother never regretted the engagement she had made at the age of 17. 

She can't live without her father and this family. 

Also inseparable from this family, and my father. 

Father always disrelishes his mother's annoyance, his mother's bad ears, and his temper; he thinks his mother's loud voice is still ostentatious, and she always does some ignorant and ridiculous things; what's more, he thinks that his mother is too small-minded and doesn't know how to deal with the world, which makes it difficult for him to clean up his tail and make it difficult for him to negotiate. 

However, like the mother, the father never wanted to abandon his mother. 

When talking to my father, he always said to me, "it's better to be nice to your mother than to your father in the future." 

Your mother has a bad ear, and it's not easy when she gets old. don't let her feel that she is getting more and more useless. " 

"when your mother and I are too old to work, we won't work for you anymore. 

Your mother and I will save some land, grow vegetables, make flowers and plants, and live a small life of our own. 

By then, I'm afraid your mother can't take a step away from me, so I'll be her ear. "

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