Romeo and Juliet love-2

/November 2021

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In this way, one resentment, one disrelish. 

Seemingly parallel lines, but with time spread in the space intersected, this is my parents' love. 

The father would drink two more cups when he was happy, and the mother would blame her and push the good food in front of her father, and she picked up a lot of food when she ate. 

When my father is not at home, my mother will talk to me about my father, saying that he has eaten more and less recently and whether he has gained weight or lost weight. 

Even if she is only a little fat, my mother will laugh more comfortably. 

She always said, "your father is too thin and often suffers from insomnia. I'm afraid he can't stand it." 

As long as he is in good health, our family will never collapse. " 

When I talked to my mother on the phone with my father at school, my father said, "your mother is impatient and likes to do everything at once. I am always worried that she goes to work in the fields alone." 

When I usually work with her, I always ask her to go home and cook half an hour in advance. 

I know that she wants to cook more good food for me and help me with more work, so every time at 10:00 I say 10:30 so that she can go back early and cook in such a hurry. .. 

Like this, the infiltration of parents' love in life always makes me easily moved. 

And the love that touches me most is this-not being together because of love, but never separated because of being together, becoming the one who cares about each other the most, understands each other the most, and suits each other most. 

Some people say that this kind of love is more like kinship, yes. 

The reason why my parents' love moved me, is precisely because it has experienced the training and test of life, gradually less selfish love, more pure affection, and "pure" is the guarantee of love for a long time. 

So, no matter you are still a household name through the ages, whether you hate lingering or vigorous, what moves me most is still my parents' love!