Rose Mind

/September 2021

Ting's boyfriend gave her a bunch of roses. The petals are very fragrant and attached to the green leaves. They are very beautiful. Ting sniffed, her brow showing happiness.  

Petals withered in a few days, so Ting put them away and put them in a small box to smell them every day.  

Later, Ting's boyfriend was admitted to the hospital for a kidney transplant. Ting, a woman who is afraid of pain after acupuncture, has donated a kidney to her boyfriend despite her family's opposition.  

Goodbye, it was late autumn. Ting's boyfriend has recovered, and Ting smiles brightly.  

I laugh at her. You can do anything for love. The kidney is the fountain of life.  

She smiled, very exaggerated, you don't know, very painful, think about to operate on the body, my heart trembled. However, he said that I was the only one in his heart, and he donated as soon as his heart crossed.  

I know I'm stupid, she said, but I can't convince myself. Since I love him, I should not care about it. D. rim of the eye some wet, shining with light.  

Another woman is infatuated with love. I'm a little touched.  

Twinkling of an eye, in the second year early spring. Ting is getting married, so the date is Valentine's Day. Ting is busy and happy for this day. One day, Ting suddenly cried sadly on the phone, saying that her boyfriend broke up with her. And her kidney just got a knife in vain, will never be complete.  

Ting said, "I love him wholeheartedly and adapt to him, but in the end, I will never leave.".  

Early summer, when I saw Ting again, it was at the entrance of the cinema. Ting was held in her arms by a man and looked very happy. Ting waved and ran towards me, hugging each other.  

I laughed at her, and found the other half so quickly?  

Ting was a little shy. We were back together. He said that he thought of early summer from early spring, but it was better for me. He couldn't live without me, and I tied his life.  

On a Saturday at the end of summer, Ting said she was getting married and asked me to be her maid of honor.  

I said, don't be too enthusiastic, you have to give him some color, who let him half-hearted to you.  

Ting smiled very sweetly on the phone. She came to this when she was in a family. He said I like roses. On the wedding day, he will buy me a bunch of roses in person.  

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A week later, when the wedding arrived, I carefully combed into a bridesmaid to accompany Ting.  

Forty minutes before the wedding, Ting answered a phone call, then dragged her long wedding dress and ran frantically to the street to stop a taxi.  

Later, I learned that Ting's boyfriend left in a hurry, leaving no words. When he went out of the flower shop and crossed the road with red roses in his hand, he was in a car accident and never woke up. That bunch of red roses became Ting's eternal thoughts.  

I haven't seen Ting since then.  

Autumn is coming, the weather is getting colder day by day, and the city is covered with golden leaves. Birds began to build nests, ready for winter.  

One day, I suddenly got a call from Ting and immediately rushed to the hospital. Ting has become a backbone, her eyes are blind, her life is dying, and she is lying in a hospital bed for infusion. Ting touched my hand and shed clear tears in her eyes. Ting asked me to pass her a bunch of roses by the bed. Ting sniffed the fragrance of roses in her hand, and closed her eyes with no light, looking intoxicated.  

What a bunch of roses it is. The petals have withered and the branches and leaves have withered. Perhaps, in Ting's heart, the bouquet of roses will always bloom in spring.