Scarred face-2

/November 2021

The girl looked at him carefully. 

"you don't like any of those beautiful, rich, and brave boys. 

I am a poor man with an ugly scar on my face. 

I have no tent, no food, no fancy clothes. 

I have no relatives. All my relatives have gone to the dunes. 

But I still have to ask you this question: will you be my wife? " 

The girl meditated for a moment and said, "indeed, I don't want to marry those rich young people. Now, I'm glad that a poor young man has asked me to marry him." 

You are poor because you have no relatives. 

We're a big family. 

Father will give you hunting dogs and mother will sew tents for us out of animal skins. 

My relatives will give us clothes. " 

The young man was overjoyed and wanted to go up and kiss the girl, but the girl said, "wait a minute!" 

The sun god said to me, I can't get married yet. you have to go to the sun god first and tell him you're going to marry me. 

Ask him to wipe the scar off your face so that I know you have seen him. " 


The young man lost his voice and cried, "at first, after hearing your words, I was full of joy, but now I only have sadness in my heart." 

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Where can I find the sun god? 

Which road leads to the house of Helios? " 

"you must find him yourself," said the girl. "pluck up your courage." 

She left him and sat down with a scarred face, clasping her head in her hands and thinking about what to do. 

Later, he resolutely stood up and left the camp of his people. 

"Oh, Helios, bless me!" 

He prayed silently as he walked. 

He climbed the mountain and waded and walked for many days in a row. 

All the way, I only found some wild fruits and roots to satisfy my hunger. 

One day, he saw a fine bow and some arrows on the road, but instead of touching the bows and arrows, he walked around carefully and moved on. 

Later, he met a young man, the most beautiful man he had ever seen in his life. 

The young man had long hair and elegant clothes, sewn with exquisite animal skins. 

The young stranger asked, "have you ever seen my bow and arrow all the way?"