Scarred face-3

/November 2021

"that's right," said scarface. "I saw it." 

"But you didn't touch them?" 

Asked the young man. 

"I didn't touch it. 

I think someone left it there and forgot to take it, so it's inconvenient to pick them up. " 

"you are a well-behaved man! 

"that's good," said the young man. "what's your name?" 


"where are you going now?" 

"to see the sun god." 

"my name is Morningstar," said the young man. "the sun god is my father. 

Come with me. 

I'll show you to the tent where we live. " 

After a while, they came to the tent of the sun god. 

The tent is large and embroidered with images of strange animals. 

The morning star said, "Don't be afraid, my friend." 

They went in. 

In the tent sat a woman, the mother of Morningstar, the god of the moon. 

She gave scar face something to eat. 

"Why did you leave your people and come all the way here?" 

She asked. 

"I want to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. 

This time I came to ask the sun god to marry her to me. " 

Scarface replied. 

At this time, the sun god came home. 

The sun god suddenly stopped at the door of the tent and said, "I smell a stranger." 

"that's right, Dad," said the Morningstar. "there's a very nice young man here to see you. 

I know he is honest because he saw my beautiful bow and arrow on the road, but he didn't move. "

The sun god went into the tent and sat down. 

"Now tell me, what can I do for you?" 

He asked. 

"I have come to ask you for your consent to betrothed me the most beautiful girl in the world." 

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Scarface said, "I proposed to her, she is very happy, but she told me that she belongs to you, please help me."