Scarred face-4

/November 2021

"then promise her to you! 

She's all yours. " 

The sun god said, "I know she is a kind-hearted woman, and the kind-hearted woman is always protected by my sun god." 

They, as well as their husbands and children, will live a long life. " 

The sun god put a layer of strong medicine on the young man's face, and the scar disappeared immediately. 

Before scar's face left for home, the god of the moon gave him some beautiful clothes. 

She kissed him goodbye in tears and called him "my child". 

The morning star showed him a shortcut home. 

The young man was surprised when the scarred face returned to the camp. 

He was dressed in fine leather and carried the bow and arrow given to him by the morning star. 

Some young men shouted, "the poor man's scarface is back." 

But he is not poor now. " 

All the people ran out of the tent to see him. 

"Where have you been these days?" 

They asked, "where did you get so many beautiful things?" 

He didn't bother to answer their questions because the beautiful girl was standing in the crowd. 

He said to her, "it's a long way, but I still found the sun god." 

She saw that the scar on his face had disappeared. 

"The sun god said, you can be my wife. 

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The sun god is very happy. " 

He said. 

So they got married, and the sun god gave them a long life. 

They never get sick. 

When they were very old, one morning their children came to call them, "Wake up!" 

It's time to get up for breakfast! " 

But they didn't answer. 

The night before, their souls had drifted quietly to the dunes.