Show love

/October 2021

My wife and I don't say "I love you" to each other every day, not even once a month. 

I have no objection to couples who often say "I love you", but I think there are many ways to express their love and there is no need to say these three words rigidly. 

It would be nice to change it a little bit and express sweet words like "I love you" and "I love you too" in a non-verbal way. 

In our family, for example, we would rather say to each other, "when I die, you will be pitiful" and "I know". 

Unfortunately, among the several books I have read on how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship, none of them supports my view. 

These books give me the impression that saying "I love you" is a difficult and time-consuming task. 

And I hope love is an easy thing, which is why I am interested in anything that sounds complicated and simple. 

So, one day, an article in the newspaper attracted me for the first time. This article said that the secret of a happy marriage is to hug four times a day. 

When my wife tried to get out of my arms, I told her, "I think this proposal is feasible." 

My idea is to hug twice before lunch, stand directly in front of my wife, slowly move forward, my arms droop, and then slowly stretch out my arms, which is probably similar to the technical requirements of snatching a picnic basket from a bear. 

"Thank you." 

The wife said. 

My touch made her feel a little uncomfortable. 

Her sudden enthusiasm for me doesn't seem to be very positive, but that's good. 

One of the reasons I love the simple love prescription of hugging four times is that I can ignore it no matter whether the other person dislikes or dislikes what I do. 

In the evening, I went over to give her the third hug, and she asked me, "are you ready?" 

"No one says hugging is easy." 

I said. 

When I was about to finish my fourth hug of the day, I couldn't find her. 

I knew she was at home and the car was still in the front yard, but I finally gave up looking for her inside and outside. 

About a week later, I saw an article about whisper therapy. 

In short, the treatment requires couples to make more eye contact and say words of praise to each other. 

The idea sounds creepy, but for some reason, I can't wait to try it. 

Things got off to a bad start. My wife was combing her hair with a hairbrush. I walked slowly behind my wife, leaned over her ear, and gently said to her, "you are unique." 

My wife returned her hand and gave me a brush on the head. 

In the next few days, when I had something to do, I would walk up to her and murmur, "your shoes are beautiful." 

"you are so beautiful." 

"you are very kind to animals." 

She is getting a little impatient with my habit. 

Whispering therapy didn't work, so my wife and I moved on to another stage: we poked each other's necks with two fingers and gave a quick "squeak" in our mouths. 

We learned this trick while watching the documentary "Dog Whisperer." it works if you invite someone out of your space, or if they don't listen to you, and you want to force them to focus on you. 

But over time, this move has become a slightly painful way of showing love. 

And then, thankfully, it's out of date. 

Recently, I have seen some ways to deepen my relationship with others in the press: take a few minutes to sit face-to-face with your partner, with their palms open and their palms facing each other's palms, getting close to each other's palms. 

The magic of this exercise is amazing-my wife can only hold on for a few seconds, and then she shivers, and from my clumsy point of view, she feels sick. 

My wife looks cute when she is angry. I persisted for two weeks and asked to practice with her whenever I had time. 

If marriage can teach a person anything, it is that whether it is an occasional bad show of love or three-minute hot skill practice, it has its value. 

This shows that your love is still fresh.

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