Silent love

/September 2021

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She lost her voice because of a medical accident. 

During that time, she was autistic and desperate, leaving all those who cared about her out of her own world. 

Her temper also became restless, no longer the gentleness and serenity of the past. 

In the end, the boyfriend who had been dating for many years quietly left. 

Such an outcome had long been expected by her. 

The arrival of this ending made her even more frustrated with the world. 

She also wanted to end her life, and she was no longer sentimentally attached to her life at this point. 

But after thinking about it over and over again, I couldn't rest assured my elderly parents at home. 

Every time she looked at the new gray hair and worried eyes on the two old men, her heart tingled. 

To this end, she had to cheer up and adapt to the unspeakable life. 

This is a whole new challenge for her. 

Every day, she has to go to the rehabilitation center, in addition to some rehabilitation training but also has to learn sign language. 

Sign language? 

It seemed to her that she would live forever in a silent world as if she would completely abandon her previous colorful life. 

Just then, he appeared. 

I don't know if it was a chance encounter or a deliberate one. 

Every morning, when she walks out of the community, she can always see him at the bus stop. 

The first time we met, he was standing under a big tree next to the station, and the sun cast a little light on him through the tiny leaves. 

For a moment, she was in a trance, as if he were an angel falling from the sky. 

He is also deaf and mute. 

Unlike her, he is very optimistic and always has a smile on his face. 

He also goes to the rehab center. 

Later, every time they met, the two walked together. 

Time passed much easier with his company. 

Under his rendering, a smile gradually appeared on her face. 

To communicate with him more smoothly, she learned sign language seriously. 

This is what she has always rejected before because she is always unwilling to accept the fact that she can no longer speak. 

The communication between the two is limited to some simple gestures and a few words on the note. 

More often, it was he who told her what to do, while she hid her mouth and smiled. 

Now, if she wants to enter his world, she must learn his language. 

His smile gave her hope. 

Later, the two fell in love. 

From then on, her sky was painted colorful by him. 

She suddenly felt that she used to be a little stupid. 

Every life has its own unique fun, why lose the courage to live because of setbacks? 

After the formal relationship between the two, she gradually learned that he was an orphan and worked hard alone in the city. 

Every morning, he and she take the same bus. 

Gradually, he carved her figure in his heart. 

But because he is deaf and mute, the deep-rooted inferiority complex in his heart makes him unable to take the first step on his own initiative. 

In this way, he has been putting on a one-man love play. 

And she never noticed him from beginning to end. 

It was not until she had an accident and became like him that he had the courage to pursue her. 

That's what love is. 

In the past, in his heart, she was an untouchable woman. 

Now, she also lost her voice, and the two seemed to be standing at the same height. 

She was filled with anxiety when she heard him talk about it for the first time. 

If you lose your horse, how can you know that it is not a blessing? 

Isn't this the case in the emotional world? 

If it hadn't been for the accident, I might have married my ex-boyfriend and lived a life where I thought I loved each other deeply but couldn't stand the test of reality. 

Now, although he has lost his voice, he has someone to spend his whole life with. 

If she had a choice in life, she would not hesitate to choose the latter. 

Later, after systematic treatment, she recovered better than expected. 

The doctor told her that she could recover her voice with a minor operation. 

Instead of rejoicing at the news, she had hidden worries in her heart. 

Her love for him is based on equality. 

Once she has regained her voice and returned to her previous position, who can guarantee that he will not be as inferiority complex as before? 

Once you lose your balance, the relationship is likely to change. 

And compared with the voice that has disappeared for a long time, he is the one she needs to cherish most in her life. 

In the end, she decided to undergo the operation. 

Because she heard his voice, the real voice. 

His voice was so sweet, low, and slightly magnetic. 

It turns out that he is not deaf and mute. 

At that moment, she was shocked. 

He told her that the love story had always been true. 

The only difference is that when she lost her voice, he always wanted to take care of her and protect her, but he was afraid that she would refuse because of inferiority. 

Therefore, he can only pretend to be dumb in this way, let himself and her at the same height, let her accept his love. 

The moment she learned the truth, she burst into tears. 

The operation went well, and the first thing she said was the unforgettable three words: I love you. 

Although it was not clear enough, the words were sonorous and deeply imprinted on his heart. 

Soon, the two people in love walked on the red carpet of marriage hand in hand. 

True love is that one person exists only for the happiness of another. 

The flowers bloom and wither, the tide rises and falls, the only thing that remains unchanged is the heart that moves with the rhythm of the lover.